Sunday, December 28, 2014

New details of Malaysian #MH17 "Boeing" But Western Media in "Silence Mode"

Very uncomfortable sensation 

December 28, 2014
Dmitry Steshin
New details of the death of Malaysian "Boeing" But Western media have switched into the "painful silence mode." On the one hand, it has not calmed down from the furious screams echoing about the "fair investigation" of this disaster. On the other, voiced this truth was so uncomfortable that in the underground "world headquarters free media," someone on duty on the planet, quickly threw the switch to "Off." And hundreds of Western correspondents frozen in bizarre poses.
The first is the phenomenon of "free media handling free West" noted political analyst Sergei Kara-Murza. In the late 80s we loved scary in the US and Europe. Sometimes it was awkward - after all the "evil empire" and to us excites dirt - and with a flourish with slavering kiss, and a pack of gum in his pocket - a keepsake. Then Western colleagues gladly and enthusiastically wrote about Russia, the different culture and the whole government was invited to visit and drove themselves. 

But in winter '92, when it became clear that the Soviet Union was no longer to be restored, it cutout threw almost to the end, and the outgoing weak flow of information put a filter that cuts off all but the words: "shuttle-racket-prostitution". Later, in 1995, in the filter nakovyryat additional holes, added the words beacons - "Chechnya-feds-rebels". Immediately after that, do not want to smoke more! 

The unique technique World-famous plastic surgery The most interesting findings in the stomachs of sharks And has since become a tradition - working switch and changing the filters, you can sculpt any need at the moment the image of Russia. For example - the day before the world comes in horror from the "Russian military in Chechnya", and yesterday have wept over the "Martyrdom of sailors from the" Kursk ".

 I personally watched as April 30 this uncharitable 2014, in the only hotel of the city Slavianska "Ukraine" all the rooms were taken by journalists a month in advance, and on May 1 begins a mass exodus of the Western press. They hide their eyes, and the words "authorities withdrew" - leave. After one day, will begin the first assault on the city. We do not anticipate, and their writers assault, it turns out, have warned. 

From Kiev? Or directly from Washington? Then, colleagues as well shyly returned back to a referendum in the Donbass - look for violations. But in early June, for some reason we did not find Slavyansk no Western journalist. Already started shelling the city on the areas every day ordinary civilians were killed - a peaceful and pacifist Western press gone somewhere. They were not interested in shooting torn to pieces citizens. 

Although death "mirnyaka" from the clutches of "warlords" and their faithful piece of bread, which was mined in Grozny, that in Aleppo or Misrata. But here and "mirnyak" was not the same, and "military" was friendly. And you can not bring friends, even if they are shot down "Boeing". American and European journalists as if on cue to shut up without risking to give even a squeak about the sensation about the Ukrainian pilot who, apparently, and shmalnul on passenger liners of the Donbas. And this amazing discipline (all toe the line! Not a step to the side!), Mobilization of "free media free West" our eyes to a new level of censorship, whose name - Information warfare. 

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