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Mayor of Kharkov rebelled: "Putin - not the aggressor!"

Mayor of Kharkov rebelled: "Putin - not the aggressor!"

November 27, 2014

Mayor of Kharkov Kernes: "... Today, I clearly understand that the last attempt on my life made ​​by people who have a clear position that was not Mayor Gennady Kernes in Kharkov, and the other was the mayor ... The names of these people - it Arsen Avakov, I think that without the involvement of some of our governor Balut ...

I think Putin's quite effective, energetic, productive person ... Read it, as you say, I will not be the aggressor. And I say this openly ... What now requires Russia to stop the war, stop the deaths of innocent people, I support these are ".

The full interview:

- Mr. Kernes how is your health? You recently had another surgery. It seems the two?

- Health satisfactory. I was operated on twice, because the doctors who accompany me constantly, decided to operate twice. This must be done to me as a result after the operation, had a more comfortable environment for living. And I will say this, I am very pleased that I was operated on twice, because I myself feel differently.

- Perhaps there is already a little sensation in the legs?

- When I was injured, and woke up in Israel, you operated on me there a few times.Total operations was, I think, seven. To date, they have probably nine. Because these operations are different from each other. And all that was done by doctors today, was aimed at the fact that I felt his feet, and was a process aimed at rehabilitation, in order that I may soon walk.

- That is, we can say that now there is a feeling in the legs, right?

- So I can say that I feel comfortable enough and I believe in what I'm going to walk.

- A person, when there are such terrible life events are likely to make change some priorities in life, I somehow spiritual state, life views. How do you feel now lives? What has changed?

- I can say unequivocally that I know the value of life. I can say that health - is the most important thing in life. Necessary to protect their health and, of course, to see a doctor in a timely manner. If you do not know anything about your health, I think that in the future this may lead to some problems.

By spirituality, I can say that I have identified for the following areas. Now I'm helping those people who are in the same situation as I am. Including I helped two boys - one of the "Golden Eagle", the other with "Alpha", who have been injured, and so, as I am partially paralyzed. And for me it is very important that these people lived. After all, we have only one life, and it is beautiful. So they say. Therefore, this I have today a spiritual setting. In general, I reviewed a lot. One program is not enough to tell.

- Your friend Mikhail Dobkin, when there was this attempt, said that for the rest of your life, you were 12 attempts. They are, as some experts suggest could relate to both business interests, as some criminal showdown, and now the political component. Many enemies?

- I have a feeling that if I will remember all my life and destiny, if someone had told me that let's start all over again, I, of course, part of his life reviewed, but in terms of my perception, I can tell so today I clearly understand that the last attempt on my life made ​​by people who have a clear position that was not Mayor Gennady Kernes in Kharkov, and the other was the mayor. Because they, as a bonus, the free mayoral seat, and they certainly would have done everything to go to this office. The names of these people - it Arsen Avakov, I do not think that without the participation of some of our governor Balut.

I believe in the casket "Facebook", which was broken, which was their correspondence. To date, I can state as a fact that the investigation is carried out - it is an imitation, not a consequence. There is the whole thing, so much time has passed already - since May, and already July, and in the process. And I can not even understand that today has been done in this case.

- We were told that all the same a few days ago you met with investigators.

- They interviewed me as a victim, in terms of procedural law. Nothing more. I told them who I suspect there Avakova and called Balut.

- So you said it so clearly surname - Avakov? So Much?

- I still call it.

- It's me. And I mean that the investigator.

- And investigators as well.

- Kernes and Avakov. It has long been known that this conflict continues. You could just say, what is the reason? Why do so among you "black cat ran"?

- It's not that between us, "ran a black cat." The fact that this man is a cynical, bloodthirsty. Today I can say is that, you know, I had won the election, and he did not want to believe it. He created such a background, it's fake.

But we can not speak of falsification, since today is his level of rejection people in Kharkiv - 75-80%. There are people who do not trust him. Even in this respect, he is currently the minister of the interior, such as the first person in the Ministry of Interior, and then he again people today do not trust, including employees of the Interior Ministry. And this he said that part of the Ministry of Interior was released and so on.

But if you talk about the price of life, then it is not worth anything today because the investigation back in the direction in which you want, it is enough to power.

- Mr. Kernes, but you also do not go, they say, "a good man". With you and Mikhail Dobkin linked some closing bank "Basis", the closure of the opposition channel ("ATH", "Handicap", "A / TEC") and so on.

- If you unscrew time ago, the bank "Basis" was closed because Arsen Avakov brought the money from the bank for themselves. We know that the magazine "Focus" estimated his fortune at almost $ 400 million.

On TV, we also know that between the owners, ie the shareholders of these channels is still under economic dispute. If we now look at this process, today Arsen Avakov representatives working in the regional state administration, are doing everything to return the property, which was returned to the municipal property, including summer camps, and other properties.

Today, the prosecutor's office, when I was a prosecutor's office, in the interests of territorial community has contributed a resolution - their views on the matter, and today the prosecutor's office makes - their ideas. When procedural expired. I can give you only one thing to say that this is an example of corruption specifically, when the authority, that is, the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and his team are doing what is called "corruption". Here is a prime example. And I can prove it not only in words but also documents.

But who today is it necessary? Today, it is no use to anyone. Because today we are working with respect to discredit me. I do not take it at all. I do not see him, I did not hear, I do not know him.

- I want to still go back to the assassination.

After the assassination attempt on you people (and had to communicate in a taxi, and social networks have seen what they write) surprised that you went for a run on a working day. Usually you do morning exercise. Why does the 12th were jogging?

- I have never violated the schedule of the day. How Come? Because I work until 12 o'clock at night, and even later. So I did as I, for example, it is convenient. So I think that if there is any question to me on this, I will answer them. Do not even want to think about is that I broke something.

- It has become known that the machines on which you were driving, were installed DVRs. Were able to detect these devices some of the attackers? These data were transferred to law enforcement agencies?

- There is a record from the DVR oncoming car, which was traveling. Today, law enforcement agencies are working with these materials. I saw this video, I fell like I was trying to get up. I just do not remember it. And I looked, how it all happened. But who, where, why, why - the case of law enforcement agencies today.

- But there are clearly people can not see?

- No. For today (I say again) this case is being investigated as an imitation.

With regard to the European Court of Justice, I will consult with their lawyers and lawyers, because we have a clear understanding of the processes. You forget that I still regard the criminal proceedings.

- By the way, you have completely removed the house arrest?

- I replaced a preventive measure - under house arrest instead I bailed MP. There I had no house arrest. To date, there is the investigator's decision to suspend the investigation due to my illness. You understand disease disease, but the evidence evidence. So I clearly understand that in this criminal case there is no evidence.

- But there is a serious article. There's torture, and intentionally content, and still something.

- All this up deliberately and specifically to me tied to a specific process that then I was completely discredited. So I do not want to talk about it. I can definitely say that no evidence today after it was initiated a criminal case, no.

And these words, which I was talking that this case has been opened, tampered Avakov Arsen Borisovich and people who are affiliated with it, then I clear evidence that those people today who testify against me, clearly subordinate to Arsen Avakov and have a it is not only business, but also financially.

- You are still associated with the so-called titushkamy, Fight Club, who were involved in the fight against evromaydanivtsiv. And as I understand it in this criminal case also spoke of this.

- All the people who came to squares of various kinds, with different moods and objectives, whether it Metalist fans, whether it is sporty people, I would not want you to give them praise. How Come? Yes, because we can not contact you to assess people who have their own citizenship. And call them ... I can not say that - you know who came up with here are the nicknames Well, I believe that it is not necessary at all to hang Because the size of the head is different for everyone.

- And with Evgeny Zhilin (owner of fight club "Hold" - Ed.) Men who were involved in the persecution of activists Evromaydanu) that you had a relationship?

- I know who it is, because we live in the same city. This man once brought to criminal liability for ....

- He was involved in the assassination attempt against one of you?

- Yes, in particular. Therefore, we do not need him much to communicate. How Come? Yes, because I know a lot of people, but it does not mean that I have with them friendly or specific business relationships.

- You are completely excluded in the attempted Russian trace, what they talked about the police? They justify this version that you have joined the unified Ukraine and the fact that Kharkiv to be a part of Ukraine, and not some ordinary federation.

- I can only state the fact that what I said and what I did, to Kharkiv remained safe and comfortable. And the fact that today in Kharkov plant flowers, watering trees, and are not engaged in dismantling the destroyed buildings and barricades that today home repairs Planning, is the fact that we are all together with the residents of Kharkiv reached. So I think that when you're asking me about the so-called "Russian trace", then I do not even want to talk about the Russian track, because I can not understand why you need it.

- Revenge, for example.

- Well, no Kernes, Kharkov but did not as pro-Russian. Well, no Kernes - what next?

I met with the leaders of the pro-Russian public organizations. I constantly communicate with them. I spoke with them and told them that there is no possibility at present, when the requirements were a referendum when there were other requirements, that is, I had contact with them, because they, too, need to hear. In this regard, I can say that those meetings that were before my injury, they also brought its own particular benefit.

- We see a lot on your desk phone and mobile phone you have. Or heard in March, April, calls insistence, they say, Gennady consent to the creation of the "People's Republic of Kharkov" ("HNR") or something like that?

- I was said to be so concrete fact, when the mayor's office came a group of people. It was 300-400 people, and I asked the one who controls them today, their leader, held a talk. So, went one man, whose name was ...

- Konstantin Dolgov. So Much?

- Law enforcement authorities arrested April 19 Dolgov (coordinator shares "Russian Spring" in Kharkov - Ed.), Suspected of intentional destruction of ATMs in Kharkiv, and he is suspected of illegal possession of weapons. Subsequently released on bail Oleg Tsarev, Konstantin Dolgov fled to the Crimea by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. "

And Konstantin Dolgov then pulled up. And before that was either Arthur or Artem. In short, there was a guy. I asked what you want, here you come to the town hall? He says: let's you open the session hall, we will create a session and "Kharkov republic."To which I replied, that he had gone away, and he knew where. That's all.

So I've always said that no sessions in the process and in the direction of creating a "Kharkov republic" will not. All. Point.

- What connects you with Igor Kolomoisky? This friendship, this record that circulated on the Internet, listening to them, it seems that he has a great influence you and link it Kolomoiskiy that you have dramatically changed their geopolitical vector substantially and vector Kharkov?

- As for my position, I changed the vector, then I can say one thing that I clearly understand what is happening and what needs to be done to the head of my rank. So I clearly did everything in order to save and preserve the Kharkiv Kharkiv achievements that we have. This is the first one.

What concerns my relationship with Kolomoisky, I know Ihor Kolomoyskyi, I'm with him I can talk on the phone, I can meet him, we can with him to discuss any topic. But I can say that I am an independent and self-sufficient person.

- What are some common business processes?

- I said no.

- You have mentioned that in evromaydanivskih circles continue to bind the activation of pro-Russian forces. Do you think it's normal that people continue to stand near the monument to Lenin, to collect funds to support the pro-Russian so-called "militia"?

- I think that today we can not forbid people under the current legislation to raise money in one way or another, we call such coordinate system. Because, if we prohibit it, it turns out that we limit the rights and freedoms of the people.

- I am in favor of peaceful assembly, I for compliance with the law of liberty. But when it comes to funding militants, I think there need to be attentive to these meetings because we are now reaping the consequences of these.

You talk to me before our paper showing where it comes to using, for example, Slavic. Work there maystriz Kharkiv city services. How to be here with this?

- I think every man for himself chose his path. Let everyone is responsible for their actions. In another will not. If today people decided on their views on life, they will be held accountable for their actions.

- Do you think Putin aggressor?

- I think Putin's quite effective, vigorous, productive person. But what concerns the fact that he - the president of Russia, I think that the Russians are choosing Putin entrusted him to manage a country like Russia. Maybe he deserves respect from the point of view that he has the support of Russians today. Millions, tens and hundreds of millions of people. So take it, as you say, I will not be the aggressor. And talk about it openly.

- Then what we will refer to the facts when the weapon you done with the Russian side, where there is satellite images showing the presence of militants from the Russian side, where even now there are facts that, in the churning Malaysian aircraft also involved in military installations it with the Russian side? We are not saying that Putin - the aggressor?

- I do not want you to discuss this topic, because I'm not a military or a police officer and you are not a military or a police officer. I can only say that I do not approve of such events today, as the opposition, you know, brother against brother, against each other. I'm against it. I am against the fact that civilians are dying today. I am against what is now destroyed our cities and towns. I'm against it. How Come? Because the price of the issue - people's lives. This is the only priceless, that today is.

You talked about the Malaysian aircraft, so I think that the tragedy, and we offer them our condolences, which today is. And, of course, all stakeholders need to understand why this tragedy occurred. Again Kharkov in demand here because of all the relatives, and there are about 400, have come here to the city of Kharkov. And now here we are preparing for the arrival of this.

As for the plants, then you know that I am now more interested in human relations than the installation. Have an interest in military installations. In this regard, today the money that goes into this war, should give appropriate effect and result. Therefore, let the report about the opposition, in terms of weapons, from the point of view, as you say, these data, the military, which today received full powers to participate in the ATO.

The fact that today require Russia to stop the war, stop the deaths of innocent people, then I support it. How Come? Because I believe that today an opportunity to find a compromise on issues related to people's lives. And defend the interests of Ukrainian territories? I am for the Ukrainian territory. And Lugansk - it is Ukraine.

- There remains the possibility that the Kharkov can become a territory where will these so-called ...?

- I do not exclude such events, when there will be some point events associated with some diversions. Maybe so. But mostly it again should be a joint work of all branches of government.

And with regard to Kharkov, then I'm pretty sure that Kharkiv Kharkiv remains, and we will do everything in order to revive the greatness of our dear and beloved Kharkiv. I think so.

I do not think it's right, when monuments pour paint when painting the monuments of different words when they reflect the hands of the monument just break. I do not think that when people are going to Evromaydani give some estimates and characteristics of people, this is correct. How Come? Because it can hurt or to call, and then restore the relationship is very difficult.

So I think that today we should be more tolerant in their choice and in their words and in their actions, including in Kharkov, which is, as you rightly said, and Euromaidan, and the forces that are going to have Lenin monument. There should be tolerant, normal operation between such people. And while we have (thank God!) Everything works.

- A little over a year left before your tenure mayor of Kharkiv. You will continue to run for a second term?

- Let us live to see it. Because you know that I am still alive thanks to God, thanks to the doctors, thanks to a friend of his wife. I believe that this time will come. And when he comes - we'll see.

Today I can say that I'm at work (here you can see for yourself) in the workplace. And I will do everything to ensure that people do not notice my present limitations. Let's call it so.


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