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"We are simply stronger, all because we are on the right force with truth".

Russia will have to become much more truthful 
DATE 11/28/2014 

Translated from Russian: Here

After an interview with the phrase "We are simply stronger, all because we are on the right force 
with truth". 

"When a Russian man feels right, he is invincible, " was added to a reviewer with TASS, by Vladimir Putin. It comes about from the famous monologue from the movie "Brother 2".  "Tell me,  what an American believes is power? Is it money? That's as "Brother 2" says it too, that money is power. If you have a lot of money, and why only then? I'm thinking that power is the truth. Who ever has the truth - is the stronger. 

Here you have deceived someone, that the more money amassed, is how you become stronger? No - it is Not! Because the truth for you, is of no value! And the ones who you have cheated and denied the truth, so he's no longer stronger. Yes I'm using an aforesaid speech in the film now distributed pleasantly caressing Russian ears affirmatively squeaks the American millionaire, and then the main character goes to a reality stemming from prior philosophizing: "Dmitry Gromov mani. Quickly. " "Bismarck" is credited with the phrase "Do not expect that, once taking advantage of the weakness of a Russian, you will receive dividends forever. 

Russians always come back for their money. And when they do come -they do not rely on an agreement signed by your Jesuit bankers who allegedly justify you. They are not worth the paper on which they are written. Therefore, Russians play fair, or do not play at all. All this is very nice to see that the Russian president is trying to take on the role of Danila Bagrov. I really hope that this role Vladimir Putin will be able to play decently. 

But for all the positive emotions and hopes there are still other questions. And the essence of all these questions is the same what then is - our truth? What is it now? The above quote from the movie - is a paraphrase of the other sayings, much more ancient, "Not in force, but in God is truth." So it turns out that when Daniel says: "the power of the truth", he identifies the strength and Gods Power of the truth because the truth ie. God, as God in various places in Scripture is called "Truth" and "Sun of Righteousness." True - it is true (not a false) statement. Previously, the "truth" is called the first collections of laws. In the history of law, they are called "barbaric truth." Science known monuments such rights as "Salic", "True Adalbert," "True Æthelstan" Visigoth and so on. And, of course, we all remember the Russian legal monuments - "Truth Yaroslav", "Truth Yaroslav". Thus, though - it's not just a true statement. True - this statement is true, that is the proper order of things.
It is true - a representation of the people of the order of justice and, consequently, of good and evil. That is why the Russian language the word "righteousness" and "truth" - same root word. Russian Truth Yaroslav and his descendants are not very different from other "barbaric truth." Except that they were significantly less cruel punishments and class division. But now the situation is quite different. Russian truth is bisected by the whole world. In some countries, Russia welcomed, admired, followed, in others - actively curse. The world is in a state of global confrontation, and Russia, with its understanding of good and evil is at the heart of this confrontation. What should I write in detail about the "Russian truth twenty-first century," said a long time. And only now beginning, and only because of the harsh necessity. 

We are Just finding out that nedosformulirovannost our inner values ​​and goals creates a huge field for speculation of this kind here: Professor MPGU Elena Galkina : The project "New Russia" is not utopia, like communism, fascism or Islamism. There is no bright future. Its sole purpose, as they see it the terrorists themselves - the forcible annexation of part or all of Ukraine to the dark present Russia, which Lubyanka propagandists mischievously dubbed Russian world.
From now on, any land where the Russian-speaking population lives, may be forced to Russian world with his KGB dictatorship of the oligarchy, neo-feudalism, total injustice and cruelty of power. Power of the truth - primarily because the truth as the notion of justice, good and evil brings people into society. It was she who creates a civilization - a system of conservation, reproduction and development of culture. Civilization must develop a culture so as to provide the main condition - the historic ascent of humanity . 

Civilization, which is aimed at the preservation of the historical process of ascension of humanity, or take advantage of the exercise lowering humanity back into savagery, holds for mankind regression - it antitsivilizatsiya. This criminal community. In the natural enemy of society - people and communities, contrasting its interests to its interests. Criminals and criminal groups. They also create and reproduce their culture, which in Russian is now called "thug". It is characterized by infantile narcissism and contempt for labor and order, the division of people on the floor, prey themselves and other submissive. This separation takes "herbivorous" from the sphere of morality and justify any actions against them. 

Criminal culture fosters and justifies in a vehicle a sense of exclusivity, which gives him the right to violence, on assignment fruits of the labor of others, to the neglect of justice. His interests are in the hierarchy of values ​​in the main place. If such a culture begins to be produced at the state level, then most likely, we have the state-offender, the State predator. I believe that the experimental confirmation of this theory in the history of mankind we find easily. And just as easy to find that all States have begun to produce such an ideology - were killed and quite scary.
I think that the reason is that the history, in the laws of historical development will not tolerate states opposing the history, becoming the way of the development of mankind. True - it is always a state of ascent. While all show on Putin's interview with Tass and remember, "Brother 2", I would like to recall another interesting comment made ​​by US President Barack Obama. Barack Obama has recently stated that Russia is the wrong side of history . The statement is quite categorical and great responsibility. And what we have with the story? It's funny, but the United States is now the full scheme lays own "Dream Factory". Now the box-office tears as Tuzik warmer, next, is the third film of the franchise, "The Hunger Games." World franchise curious enough for us. It has the Capitol - VIP-area in which he lives elite who eats three throat, drink a medicine to break and could eat again, goes to the brightest belongings haute couture, with debility hairstyles. In a word - successful managers, lawyers and startups, to build an economy of services and innovation. 

Effective darlings Invisible Hand. And then there are the "District". They live the working class, which produces coal, uranium, working up a sweat and lives from hand to mouth away from drugs, glamor and education. Once a year from each of the district take one boy and one girl to participate in "The Hunger Games" - in fact, gladiatorial contests held in memory of had taken place once the uprising districts. Simply put, it is a tribute to the human - a manifestation of power and intimidation. 

My question is: what is the situation described is fundamentally different from the currently existing? Than, for example, what is happening now in Ukraine, and earlier in Yugoslavia, Syria and Libya is different from "The Hunger Games", where some poor people to kill other fun and for profit zhruschy how not to, queers in all senses, living in the economics of innovation? By the way, about the economy of innovation. Adoration of the liberal party that same innovation economy can only have two explanations - Intense misunderstanding of its essence or completely sincere worship before a successful criminal. 

Because "the economy of innovation" is that one country through military force, political pressure and other means to make others for her working class, makes social oppression of their borders. In this country the parasite remains with the two stages of production with the highest added value - marketing and development, leaving all the hard work with low added value of donor countries. This model is unstable, as any other model based on an imbalance, and should continue to grow or breadth - subjugating more and more donor countries value added or deep - all deteriorating situation of these countries and strengthening their operation. In this model, the United States and Europe take the place of the Capitol. 

A Capitol opposed country-proletarians, led primarily by TC and BRICS. This is the part of the current relevance of international Russian truth. The current crisis in international politics, in the economy - it is a crisis of this particular model foul caused by the fact that the country-proletarians not prepared to sacrifice themselves and more and more to maintain the level of consumption in the Setter. In 2010, the G20 was decided to reform the main international financial institutions - the International Monetary Fund to reduce the imbalance of income, but in 2014 at the summit in Brisbane Vladimir Putin was forced to say the following: " The US Congress has blocked this decision, and all. And negotiators, our partners, say, well, we would be happy, but we have signed, we made ​​this decision, but Congress does not pass.
Here you have all the solutions. But, nevertheless, the fact that such a decision has been formulated, and all participants of international life within the framework of the "twenty" decided that it is right and true, and corresponds to present-day realities, it is already in a certain way sets international public opinion and brains experts, and this has to be considered. And the fact that the US Congress refused to pass this law, says that the US is running out of the general context of the decision facing the world community problems. 

This is only no one remembers. Capitalizing on its monopoly in the world media, the information choke, it is sort of not. You see, everyone is talking about some current issues, including sanctions, with Russia, but in fact globally but in this case the United States do not comply. This is a fundamental, by the way, thing. But she was not done . " This can be translated as "Rushen mani. Quickly. " And in this case, Russia - the country's leader, is presented an ultimatum to the old world order. Putin's speech on international economic summits in its meaning are a carbon copy of Daniel monologue from our beloved movie, "Here you have deceived someone, money amassed, and then you become stronger? No - he did not. Because the truth for you not. " On such a powerful background may seem that the other differences between Russia and the West - on sexual minorities, religion, euthanasia, legalization of drugs and other things - it's just ideological thingies. But it is not. 

If you look closely, it becomes evident that the difference in relation to human rights, their reading of Russia and the West is due to the difference understanding of man as such, and its role in society and the universe. Western man - a successful consumer rights which provide him the most complete, best of consumption. Total. Including, of course, and their kind in the form of slaves, prostitutes, sources of organs, even food. Western tolerance - a derivative of the purposes of consumption. Intolerance to commodities makes it difficult to consumption. Man Russia, China, Brazil - is primarily a worker who must create, extract, process, coming up. He needs other rights. The right to development - education, health care, employment, housing, family and so on. The right to food of their own labor and the right to fair remuneration of labor. And this work must be understood - it should provide a historic ascent of humanity. All these rights have to be defended in the fight against world consumption. 

Here is misplaced tolerance. Here, instead it requires a partnership. This is not thingies. This is essentially the opposite extreme answers to questions. With our Russian point of view, history, humanity and every individual has a point. Consequently, an attempt to limit someone's development, to stop someone else's biography in his own interests - a crime. Assigning any country resources necessary for human development, human appropriation of resources necessary for the development of another person - a crime. Preference for luxury development - regressive behavior. Crime. The present development - is the development of a person.

 Development of "unlimited and diverse" consumption - has a fake. The leaders of the inhabitants of the West-blinded successful consumption of the last couple of decades, arrogant and believe themselves the apex of the historical process. They do not notice that they were to save the current state of affairs falls from year to year more and spend more forces to fight the objective historical processes. They do not notice that they are fighting with the story. They do not notice, the fight against all humanity. Mankind rebelled against them, and they punish him - in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. To call everything that they are doing good, they have to adapt their culture, to enter into her new idiologemy and remove some of the old. Not long ago, Obama had to indicate to the world that the Americans - an exceptional nation. And in Europe is increasingly becoming popular theory about the "traditional European values" - respect for human rights, democracy and other, completely opposite Asian traditions. 

It is reached by a naive child forgetting the past. And even more recently. As I see it, it's all quite exhaustively shows who's on the wrong side of history. Putin's phrase that "we are the strongest, because for us the truth," certainly inspires some optimism. But do not soar. Currently walks excellent poem on this theme: we are so strong that it becomes nowhere have stronger and everything that does not kill us does not kill us all Reorganization of the world, scrap the regressive order that transforms resources of human development in their own luxury consumption, require a huge effort. Russia in the present state of his cope with this task can not.
We need to become much, much stronger. By orders of magnitude. But the truth is - it's the support, with which you can change the world. Without this support point any power - military, intellectual, economic - is doomed to a miserable floundering in weightlessness. And if the power of the truth, that our country and internally have to be truthful. Much truer than now. 

Roman Nosikov

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