Friday, November 28, 2014

Kharkiv - New-Russia News Today

Kharkiv - New Russia News Today 
Yatsenyuk heroically threw himself under a Russian bus. On his problems in world politics for Banderastan___... Actually, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has said that Banderastan, The (Ukrainian territory occupied by the Kiev junta,) into Europe would not be considered soon. In saying this, he did not say anything new or unknown to many others. In the short and medium terms, no matter how Banderastan's saw its chances for participation in EU institutions, or in the structure of NATO nobody had it been even seriously considered providing all that was happening. In his statement he added that he couldn't even seen how this would become possible without major governmental changes transpiring. And !, - whats even more funny than that, is all this taking place in the very beginning of the intensified civil confrontation ATO in East Ukraine, Had Kiev actually thought about the actions or statements (or more precisely, that the lack of an immediate and direct military intervention by the US or NATO structures, in this area, were not even on the table.) This was clearly outlined by the United States President Barack Obama - and he, too, was not joking. Because above all, he said it in front of an "Internal Auditor" and to the American voters, therefore, emphasizing it to be not the public policy in the US, Who would not accept it as a joke ever.

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