Saturday, November 29, 2014

For People who Ask me About the Name "Fascist Junta"

For People who Ask me About the Name "Fascist Junta"

Briefly touching on the issues, and why the current Government system in Ukraine, I call them a "Fascist Junta", because, like their so called sham elections, they're an "unlawfully-elected Government". 

1. I call this method which the Junta has employed its actions since the early days, a pointing on how to illegally seize power with oligarchs, their Nazi troops and of course the American sponsors. What ever kind of ass and worthless leader Yanukovich was, from the point of view of the law and of
the bourgeois people, he was in fact the legal and legitimate President. How he was removed from power, was in violation of all the legal procedures. So what happens on 21 February in Ukraine had nothing to do with the law, and the law was not duly enforced. So all appeals to any rights by Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Turchinov were an act of an illegal Coup d'état

2. All extraordinary presidential and parliamentary elections in the aftermath were held with the use of terror and persecution for anybody in dissent with the unlawful regime, including deputies of the party of regions and the COMMUNIST PARTY altogether. This persecution continued into and during the so-called "elections", which named Poroshenko to office,(in terms of mass falsifications and overestimating turnout, commissioned by the United States to hold the election in one round). The same applies to elections to the Verkhovna Rada, when candidates were selectively beaten, received death threats. In the South-East they deployed terror against dissenters protesting against the Junta fascist regime now in Kiev. 

3. And most importantly, Many still do not recognize,and are not going to recognize their illegitimacy and the illegality of this  "Fascist Junta" regime in Kiev. Fascism should have been destroyed, even if they had usurped the public institutions and law enforcement authorities. Coming from this is why fascist run with chains and beat people on the street and offend police officers or sit in an expensive area of the "Golden sticks" signing the decrees resulting in the death of tens of thousands of innocent people, while not ceasing to be a Nazi Bandera Fascists. As was once mentioned back in May, what has happened in Ukraine is now is a direct transcription log of blogger including the famous definition of Georgi Dimitrov, who directed a terrorist dictatorship of big business' backed by the power of fascist Nazi death  squads who openly inserted themselves into power positions. You can easily argue, pointing out that the Ukrainian fascists are a wicked parody of the German Nazis, the show caricatured characters such as Ukraine or Klitschko, but the essence of the regime responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians is obvious. So regardless of what is said and will say in Moscow and Kiev, I will call this fascist regime a Junta and will continue to call, it just as they deserve, because personally they always be in reality a fascist junta. All which continue in the current ugliness of Kiev since February are now also War Criminals. Some argue that by my saying that they are a Nazi regime, as this is an obvious feature, but the "Junta" is not quite the exact word, saying this only applies to the "black colonels" or "Latin American military coups". In the dictionary of foreign words, among the opredelinij Word for junta is in my opinion a quite suitable interpretation-[a group of conspirators, who illegally seize power by using dictatorial ruling methods], of course, there are synonyms like, "clicks", or "Kamaril′â", that some would view a more precise definition of this regime, but I personally like "Fascist Junta", because this term reflects both the nature of the fašistskj of the existing regime and the illegal seizure of power by a conspiracy. Moreover, the interpretation of various terms are not frozen in time thing and they can be, so it does not rule out that the term "Ukrainian" as the junta will be able to get your line in the definition of "junta" at least in some dictionaries. By the way, if you notice, if you drive in the search word "junta", most of the links on the page will be connected with a Ukraine article.

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