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Valdai Putin's Speech : a straight line of Confrontation with Western and American Hegemony

Valdai Putin's Speech : a straight line of Confrontation with Western and American Hegemony

Alexander Dugin
Valdai lesson Basho

Valdai Putin's speech was sustained in the Eurasian great power of clear colors. It would seem that it would have pleased us and inspire hope that the era of oscillations and attempts to negotiate with the enemy over and we go out on a straight line of confrontation with the West and the American hegemony, with which we have a long and most direct fighting.

But I noticed the following feature: Putin's speech in a very complex relationship with the particular policy, which he conducts. By direct logic behind clear declaration must follow the same steps. But Putin never do so did not build its policy does not build. Moreover, it builds its policy opposite way. All the most significant patriotic decisions spontaneously and without any preparation. They have not been reported previously and no one no predugotovleny does not. Speech is usually pronounced completely different logic, not associated with the action. And even more patriotic than we are, the more likely that it will follow for conciliatory steps toward the West. And the reverse is true: the more neutral or evasive speech, the more likely a spontaneous and decisive gesture.

On the eve of the Crimean Putin says nothing, watching the Olympics and Paralympics, even, fascinated by athletes. Times, throw, and our Crimea. Then he spoke in a straight line after the Crimea in radically patriotic vein, why rose Novorossia and Russia. Just after this speech the whole state machine Russia began to act in the opposite manner and acts to date. If we recall the other episodes, such as the Munich speech, we see the same thing: for it is almost never followed by any tangible steps and decisions nor in foreign policy, nor in the internal. Solutions accepts without any declarations of times - and the Soros Foundation in Russia closed Khodorkovsky, our troops in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

So I begin to fear patriotic speeches Putin: they are dangerous, because every now and them nothing should be (at best), or the opposite. It is better when he is silent or says something little more than a chance that he will do something really beautiful and strong.

Probably we are dealing with the psychology of the scout, with his second nature. He should never share these plans with anyone, much less talk about them openly. On the contrary, every word must be a disguise. Truth must not know anybody, otherwise the enemy (and he everywhere!) And get ready to rip scheduled. It would be better, and most do not know the truth, and act on the step by step instructions to get regular from the center through a complex system of caches and caches. But here's the problem: no one is above the President, there is no center and receive instructions from anyone. This creates cognitive problems: hide not account for what you know and what you yourself do not know. It is incredibly difficult, but the effect is striking: if no one knows that in the mind of the Supreme Personality of the state, even he himself, no one can thwart his plans - as they are born spontaneously and at the last moment.

It is well known that the martial art that is practiced Putin, based on the metaphysics of Chan Buddhism (Japanese Zen). Their goal is not to defeat the enemy, and free from the flow of thoughts, giving them an opportunity to express themselves pure spontaneity (satori). Hence the practice of koans: Speaking meaningless things (for example: what is clapping with one hand?), Then released the pure consciousness, the great emptiness, mu. It should rule. This whole Putin speaks perfect: therefore his words do not have any value, they are designed only to confuse the layman and the story in the Great Void (mu) dedicated.

So softly and quietly spy Putin turns to Putin-dealing, Teachers embracing emptiness. When he falls in Valdai speech to the West, he meant no not the West, but something internal, unsolved and eludes clear definition. This must be understood as a koan. Words, when taken in its origins, lose their meaning, the set of semantic shades shimmer until evaporate altogether. Thus, we achieve the cherished goal: the enemy confused and attentive follower opened the essence of non-duality (empty) thinking. This is how successful throw tekvan-up or judo, instantly disarmed enemy, and from a vertical position is horizontal, not noticing how it happened. Checkmate. But to whom? This is the essence of the mysterious ways of Zen.

Who fights Putin? Not with those with whom you thought, and certainly not with those whom he openly declares. The enemy is always different, it is impossible even to hint, not what to call by name. Moreover, about the enemy better not even think of not to focus on it. And most importantly, by the rules of Zen Buddhism of the enemy better just do not know anything. The battle is a battle with the illusion, which is not so true battle is not a battle, and the true action - non-action. That is the law really great games that are so difficult to calculate that in principle it may seem that it is not at all. And the words are intended only to disguise the lack of meaning. Knowing silently, forgetting the abundance of wisdom, as he was just going to say.

Before, I only saw as koans frankly contradictory speech Putin, where the first half of the phrases are semantically conflict with the second. But it was only a half-truth. Gradually, I realized that the koan is everything that he says. And the higher the koan, the harder it is to interpret. Most higher koans in general are not subject to interpretation, of which nothing should be, they are generally not reported. I realized that Putin says so - higher koans.

But then everything falls into place at all: save Novorossia means cede Novorossia but concede Novorossia means to provide the necessary support, repeating several times these paradoxes we get the exact scheme of our policy on the Donbas. Send Strelkova to remove Strelkova, remove Strelkova to reward Strelkova. Give Strelkova to plant Strelkova. Planting Strelkova to make him a hero. And then send Strelkova. And with everything else just as well. This samurai koan. Bring troops so as not to send troops, instead of typing so enter poeffektivnee and more. Not from malice, but to securely hide the truth and teach the ways of the Great Void. 

Likewise with the West: it is an enemy, but this enemy that actually he is a friend, because we are part of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, that is him, but we are thus part of that is something radically different, more so with us should be friends, since we are so different, but the values ​​of the West, we do not share, as our opposite, because of the true unity of the Great Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, where Russia is a sovereign distinctive civilization, and not the object of colonization and the West as in the period .... What is it? Sophisticated Valdaysky koan. 

Any output that will be made ​​of it, knowingly misleading, incorrect. We must look in another direction, but not in the TV, as if to tell us all Putin: do not trust the outside world, it is not genuine. But the inner world is not better. There are only Basho logic places successful throw, instant enlightenment, but what I am saying now, and even more so that you can hear for yourself - it's a cosmic game of shadows, lila, Maya, streams samsara.
Lessons Basho. Nothing personal.

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