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#Novorossiya born of a #Ukraine Crisis: #Ukrainian Crisis "Why can not the militia take Donetsk Airport [3 answers]..

#Ukrainian Crisis "Why can not the militia take Donetsk airport?"

Dmitry Steshin (3:58 PM) WAS published on: Yesterday, 9 pm
View of the airport in Donetsk, October 4 

Photo: REUTERS Three answers to one naive question: "Why can not the Militia Take Donetsk airport?"  In A Situation versed Correspondent "KP" Dmitry Steshin [Infographic]

1 Geographical location

As the Correspondent of "KP" Commanders scouts Department of Defense DNI, the airport occupies an Extremely advantageous Geographical Location. It is Located on A flat plateau, Which Hangs over the Donetsk and the Surrounding Countryside. Due to this the Nearest Point WHERE May Come Militia - the so-Called Putilovskaya isolation - is 1.5 Kilometers from the airport Terminals. We checked with the scouts on this Outcome, using Quadrocopter Videotape to the airport, and ten minutes later Were Seen Snipers fired and covered with A Volley of Mortars. Automatic grenade hit of the terminals, and mortars - a territory / h A-1428 156-Second Anti-missile defense regiment of Ukraine. This Part is Adjacent to the Runway and literally crammed with caponiers, Bunkers, tunnels and shelters, Including Fallout. Located on the Territory of the artillery, Which in recent months shelled Donetsk and suppressed the Activity of all the Militia in the vicinity of the airport. Just artillery Provided "supply corridor" Group Sitting at the airport - to cut the supply of Militia Could not. checkpoints, Which Were exhibited at night, in the morning Destroyed artillery Fire. And Means to suppress artillery battery Counter-Fire from the Militia, too, failed. In the USSR, Military facilities and Were Able to build A Concrete spared. Click to enlarge . Photo: Alex Stefanov

2 Surprises

It is still unclear exactly what the underground facilities are Located at the airport - in Open sources of Data has never Been. ACCORDING to DNR command, the Total length of underground utilities Under the airport - at Least 64 Kilometers. Tunnels Connect Military unit A- 1402 on the Street Stratonavtov old airport terminal and Part A of the air defense in Avdeyevka. In addition, Under the Airfield Runway Laid stormwater tunnels - up to 2 meters in diameter. Unpleasant Another Surprise for the upcoming Traffic control tower WAS associated with underground Communications Terminals. The tower WAS Carried out to adjust Fire batteries in Villages Avdiyivka, Experimental, Sands. So the first thing we did Militia DURING the final assault on the airport - to suppress any Activity at the Site. Tower shot A few days, and Only After That WAS Able to Take objects Adjacent to the airport and go to the Terminals by by by by themselves - Ukrainian gunners just "Blinded." Donetsk airport, October 4, 2014. Photo: REUTERS

3 The threat from the sky and politics

First time Trying to Take the airport back in April, at ease, with the help of an unarmed Insurgent people, through Negotiations. The next Day, the negotiators Were Arrested on the Streets of Donetsk SBU. The Second assault on May 26 was bloody. Militia lost 40 fighters. In Military Science, the more assaults Reflected Object, the Harder it is to Take afterwards.Slavyansk Confirmed this axiom. Few months the airport WAS No use - enough worries on Other fronts. The command of the Militia Claimed That he No value has Strategic - Vzletka broken artillery Defending Locked in Terminals and have No strength to storm the city. But the airport still HAD to deal with - for Political Reasons. In mid-September, the Tripartite Liaison Group Signed A Memorandum on the Implementation of the Protocol in Minsk. Among the items stipulated document, there is A condition - Removal of Heavy artillery at A Distance of not less than 15 km on each Side. Ie Ukrainian troops have inevitably have to Leave the Cozy caponiers and Bunkers in A Military unit in Avdeyevka. And shelling residential Areas of Donetsk finally Cease. From April to the present Day airport Almost all the time in the smoke. The picture WAS taken on October 3. Photo: REUTERS

First response

Special Correspondent "KP" Dmitry Steshin said on Radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda", commented on His stuff as one of the Commanders of the Militia

Three Tankers Carried from the Battlefield Correspondent "KP" Were on the Front line, WHERE militias continue to exempt the airport Donetsk Half an hour ago ... not far from here Dropped shells Ukrainian "castles." And again - residential Areas of Donetsk. The center of the airport from the Point WHERE we Came - About A Kilometer. Now A Slight Lull : Militia Offered Ukrainian troops to Leave the airport in good time.With Weapons and equipment. They promised to CONSULT with the Commanders and Give an answer in 12 Hours. The clock - 11.15

Correspondent "KP" were on the front line, where militias continue to exempt the airport Donetsk
Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

Three Tankers Carried out of the battle  Comments:   207

Correspondent "KP" were on the front line, where militias continue to exempt the airport Donetsk [video update]
MI bound feet of wire and dragged through Vzletka ...
Half an hour ago ... not far from here Dropped shells Ukrainian "castles."  And again - residential Areas of Donetsk.  The center of the airport from the Point WHERE we Came - About A Kilometer.  Now A Slight Lull: Offered Ukrainian Militia Leave troops to the airport in good time. With Weapons and equipment.  They promised to CONSULT with the Commanders and Give an answer in 12 Hours.  The clock - 11.15.
HOWEVER, the calm it can be Called A stretch: Ukrainian units That concentrate in the airport, in the Villages of Sand and Avdiyivka Apparently not aware of the Negotiations.  Beating And still howitzers in our direction.  entrenched at the airport until the Pile Punishers Perform a role and spotters.
- You've Seen "Twister" with the "Hurricanes" in Donetsk hit?  - Fits one of the militias.
- Yeah, - Respond.  - That They thrashed and you missed?
- What is there - missed !!!  - He Shouts.  - Where are we, and WHERE - the area in Which rockets Landed!  Well this is How you have to be A goat, so to "miss"!  We have here on Them the radio Orem: "Freaks where lupite b ...?!"
- And they are?
- Nothing ... They are all on the drum, it seems ...
More Pictures - link
Photo: Victor huseynov
- Look what's arrival - another fighter hands on the palm flattened bullet.  - 12.7, is A sniper from A Brand New German Rifle there (Pointing to the airport) to Gave me, But missed.  And over there, see what our soldiers dragged, grandfather's another weapon we Slovyansk managed to bang his tank, PTRD, anti-tank rifle Model 1941.
Militia Commanders are leaning over A Map Spread on the trunk of A car, and Discuss How will Release the next Building.  Next - the familiar "UAZ" with the on-board "Thugs".  It's all full of holes, Although still 3 days ago we saw HIM tselenkim.  Dusty and crumbling Remains of Asphalt, Approaching Tanks.  Loaded ammo and go back to the airport.  Someone baptizing After Them ...
- Oh, I want summer!  Without the vest!  - Cheers guys Militia - the local "terkin".  Everyone laughs.  Chilly, not May.  Soldiers BASK in the dim October sun and Preparing to Leave for the airport.  Recently there has Been A Real battle tank.  Victory Remained with the Militia, But They Lost the tank.  Further details are Remembered with A shudder When podranenny Crew left the car, Ukrainians Them opened with Fire Heavy Machine gun armored Personnel carriers.  And then, Dead, twisted wire legs His tank strapped to Several Times and dragged on the tarmac, Apparently, Showing Courage and bravery of the Ukrainian Army.  Body then hung near the old terminal.  Could not Pick Them up A few days: in any Attempt to do so, ACCORDING to Point Snipers opened Fire.  One of the tasks of the Group, Within Which we Come to the Front - to Take Those Same Three Tankers ...
That Ukrainian units concentrate in the airport, in the Villages of Sand and Avdiyivka Apparently not aware of the Negotiations  even more Pictures - link
Photo: Victor huseynov
MEET, OLGA, "writer"
- Loads!
"Ural" at the Speed ​​of flies Mutilated curbs.  The closer to the final stop - the more Noise and smoke.  We Run into the some raskurochennye Building.  Just Three days ago, it took Ukrainian fighters.  For particularly slow-witted on the walls , They wrote "uwagi, separable", Accompanied by letter A with an arrow Indicating the direction.  Everything is broken in the Trash, blackened CEILINGS in the holes.  On the Floor (if you can call it sex, of course) - Wet Wipes Packaging, plastic cups, forks.  Once there WAS A food Plant airport.  cutting edge Most defense.  After 200 meters - A Building in Which is still Sitting Ukrainian units.  Near Continuously Jahan aside has not yet freed from the terminal Two Tanks Militia, Constantly maneuvering.
- Volley!  - Someone Shouts and all bend down.  It's on US.  After A few seconds - hit nearby, all - in dust and smoke.
- Volley!
These Ukrainian Rockets fly into the airport Hotel occupied by militias.  Soon there are broken mine.
- Smoke Come on!  - And somewhere in the vzletku fly green cylinders, churning out A smelly smoke poles.  Soldiers selected to Bodies tank, Remove Them and dragged to our "Ural".
- Volley!  - And again bend down.  We Sit Against the wall.  Around the Baha'i without stopping.
- "The Writer" - calls your call right woman.  - Olga.  Came to Pick up guys.  One of Them is Precisely Because of our Battalion.  Others - Most likely too ... And I really A writer.  Before the War, I have a book coming out in Ukraine, children's fairy tale and adventure story.
- What are your Books?  - Ask her.
Around the Same time, go to the New shells.  She shrugs:
- About eternal: love, friendship, Betrayal.  But all ends well, Because it can not not good to WIN!
- And now?  It is well over?
- Of course!  All Believe in it ...
Correspondent "KP" Were on the Front line, WHERE militias continue to exempt the airport Donetsk. More Pictures - link
Photo: Victor huseynov
Get away from DEATH
We do not have time to finish.
- Run to the car!  - Go back already Lying, covering each Other.  With US in the Same body are the very tankista Three ...
- Do not let the Lord, once again guys die - says one of the passengers of the "bus."
- Goni !!!
First, there WAS A nasty Rustling sound That is familiar to anyone WHO has ever got Under MORTAR attack.  And then Two strikes, the left and right of the Machine, About five meters.  Even stronger is Pushed to the Floor, Although It seemed to to Presses No place else have.  Fringed by Thick Metal Sides something loud Knocks US abundantly chucking Rubble in the mouth - the taste of iron.  "Ural" Continues to Run away from Death! ..
Upon arrival collectively exhale all alive.  Militias Carefully Unloaded the Dead soldiers.
- They have the answer for you - Say next, Remove all helmets.  Soldiers go Further, to replenish ammunition airport while never Fully taken.
- What will be the next book?  - Come to Olga "writer."
It becomes serious.
- On the War.  About These guys.  Tankistov Victims.  All of Them.  This is A very good book ...
I believe her ...
More Coverage
Special Correspondent "KP": The militia are planning to take control of the airport in Donetsk to midnight
Live radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alexey Ovchinnikov told about what is happening in the Donbass
Fighting fierce in the vicinity of the airport in Donetsk Ukrainian Held Between Security Forces and Militia already night.  Is incessant Duel.  Tanks, mines, Snipers - WHERE to Understand Their own, and someone else WHERE Manages with Difficulty.
Not surprisingly, the Media every now and then there is conflicting information.  Journalists Give control Almost completely Destroyed by the airport That the Ukrainians, the siloviki.  The Last Official Announcement WAS Made in the morning on October 3.  (Read more)
More coverage from the Donbass
"The main thing - not to let Them Raise Their heads.  OTHERWISE, the Entire city shells falling asleep ... "
Correspondent "KP" for seeing what is happening in Donetsk airport where punishers continue to bombard the capital of Donbass
Immediately After the Checkpoint ... road holed shells.  Accounts Go, circling Funnel and Changed wires, the ends of Which hang down over the Asphalt.  Trees Whip, and many houses of the village, Adjacent to the Front area, more uninhabitable.  We 'Re going to the airport in Donetsk, WHERE the War and did not think off and WHERE the blood still Flows on both Sides. (Read more)

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