Monday, October 6, 2014

Ukraine: Truth About What is Really Happening Photo.

Truth about situation in Ukraine: What is Really Happening photo.

Ukraine: What is Really Happening
This came from Montreal and Ottawa. The participants expressed their solidarity with the defenders of Donbass and opposed fascism in Ukraine. Participants of the rally chanted "Save the people of Donbass!" And demanded that the government of Canada to "stop supporting the fascist regime in Ukraine."


October 6 - nightly update from commander Givi, while smoking his cigarette under flying rockets, which don't seem to phase him ("We are used to it"):

"Normal stuation, standard. As usual they are throwing everything at us. Some guys are getting rest. We are still collecting trophies, A LOT of trophies. As soon as we finish the sweep, we will let the reporters in.

When I go there I always see a lot of their burnt armored vehicles, stenching bodies in blown up trenches. The sweep is still ongoing, you have to understand the territory is very large, so we have to check every tunnel.

But the shelling is continuing from everything heavy: D-30, 240 mm, Grads. But its normal, we are used to it, we don't even pay attention to it. A man died in our neighborhood, a shell split his head in two pieces in front of his son, unfortunately. There was a lot of wounded today, they are shelling residential neighborhoods, they are not even thinking where to shoot. As you can see and hear they are shelling us right now.

Last night they hit us with incendiary bombs to light up the airport, but it didn't work out. We are ready for it, we are even prepared for phosphorus boms, only we can't hide from Tochka-U, oh well...

On the parking lot, the terminals and hotel we hung our flags - Donetsk Republic, Motorola brigade and Novorossia flag. When the smoke subsides, you can see it. We just have to hang our flags on the control tower, but as soon as we finish the sweep of that area we will do it.

I want to warn the peaceful residents of the city to be very careful, because they are shooting from very heavy artillery, as you can hear it right now. And this continues throughout the day, every hour..."

Translated by Kristina Rus


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