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Los Angeles Times: The State of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in tears

Los Angeles Times: the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in tears

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The number of Ukrainian soldiers in combat readiness, decreased ten times, the troops are poorly equipped and starving.
Ukrainian army soldiers in Lugansk.  Archive photo.
MOSCOW, Oct. 18 - RIA Novosti. During the last eight months in the Ukraine was appointed Minister of Defence is the fourth - it was Stepan Poltorak, who took office this week, according to the readers Los Angeles Times .
"Since independence, Ukraine inherited a part of the once formidable army" rotten from the top "- the newspaper writes.
Constant size of the armed forces of Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union in 1991 was about 1 million people. For two decades, it has been reduced to 100 thousand. But analysts say that even this figure is too high. When in the east of the country, fighting broke out, the then Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh told parliament that the embattled retained on the strength of 6 thousand soldiers, the newspaper said.
Funding for national defense since the Soviet era fell many times. According to the Defense Ministry, last year the armed forces has been allocated $ 1.9 billion, but only 10% was destined for their modernization. Last major military exercises held in Ukraine 9 years ago.
Since 1991, the troops did not reach any combat aircraft, and the Air Force were reduced to three dozen fighters and a small number of older helicopters, although during the Soviet era air force were 1.5 thousand aircraft.
Tragedy under Ilovaiskaya showed all the terrible state of the Ukrainian army. Thrown into battle troops were disarmed, poorly equipped and starving, writes Los Angeles Times.


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