Friday, October 3, 2014

It is impossible to prevent a split Patriotic Society ? Alexander Dugin.

It is impossible to prevent a split Patriotic Society?

 Alexander Dugin.

Russian social activist, philosopher, political scientist, sociologist Alexander Dugin Gelevich commented geopolitical situation that has developed in Russia and in the Donbas.
According to Alexander Gelevich, we can not predict the fate of the people who live in the Donbas. Now it is difficult to talk about geopolitics, because no one knows how to solve problems. There is no cunning plan, there is a very heavy imposed war. Independence was created to completely tear Ukraine away from Russia and then customize it aggressively against their own brothers. 

Based on this, we see the destruction of the Russian-speaking population. Crimea was rescued without firing a single shot. Donbass thought to the same scenario, but the so-called Kiev government has decided to punish the civilian population and sent back punitive battalions. People have nothing to do but to take up arms and defend themselves from the brown plague. This is definitely a heroic act. 

Forecast Dugin - Putin captured and disoriented. Against him is preparing a conspiracy on the part of western customers coming global revolution. Minsk agreement - one of the laid plans, which aims at the change of power in Russia. Thus, these agreements to halt the advance of New Russia, thereby to drive people into a stupor and confusion of what is happening. Patriotically-correct kernel is designed to save you from the overthrow of the president, so it is demonized. 

Now there is a conspiracy of elites against the President of the Russian Federation. Ends Russian spring offensive stops Novorossia demonize Putin. People need to stand up for New Russia to the end. Need to save the civilians to fight directly and indirectly against the "six pillars", which seeks to take Putin's hostage. 

You have to believe in our country, believe in a Supreme Commander. It is impossible to prevent a split patriotic society. It is necessary to take Mariupol, raise patriotic consciousness, mobilize the people to fight back Kiev junta, neo-Nazis and "overseas friends."

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