Monday, October 27, 2014

Expert Dmitry Babich: 'The Western Media are Increasingly Disappointing Viewers'

Expert: The Western media are increasingly disappointing viewers

Governing Council on the eve of the US broadcasting at its meeting considered the advocacy functions of Washington's policy. During the meeting, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Stengel noted how skillfully Russia defends his view of the Ukrainian crisis. Political commentator Dmitry Babich believes that the American media is gradually losing ground, because I think the audience no longer trust them. Their place of publication, offering an alternative point of view.

Political commentator Dmitry Babich told RT said that, in his opinion, "the information set, which offer the Western media, ceases to hold the consumer, because it is all sewn with white thread."

"There are a lot of examples: it is data about weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein, which proved to be untrue, and allegedly killed 500,000 Kosovo Albanians, because of which the bombing of Kosovo, and then found out that it was an absolute fake. This set of Western media ceases to hold thoughtful western part of the public. In these circumstances, the information that comes from Russia, is not perceived as propaganda, but simply as an alternative explanation. And this alternative information finds its readers and viewers abroad, including in Western countries, "- said the expert.

According to Dmitry Babich, US officials simply could not imagine that they could lose the information war. "They think that it is any strategy that they lose propagandists. I think it's just an inability to see their own shortcomings. In order to prove that the American and European media lied about Ukraine, the propagandists are not necessary, "- says Babich.

The growing popularity of alternative sources of information, including TV channel RT, which is periodically subjected to attacks by the US leadership, due to the fact that they offer the Western viewer "whole archipelagos of information." While the Western media, according to political commentator, hush burning topics, which leads to the loss of the viewer.

"War in the center of Europe - Ukraine, assault million city - this is what the Western media do not tell. And this is very important information, which, of course, interested in ordinary people in Europe and in the US. On the propaganda media really nobody ever responds because their bias is obvious. But when they begin to find fault, it means that there is an audience of media and it inspires confidence, "- concluded Dmitry Babich.

Recall, on the eve of a meeting of the Governing Council of the United States on Broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors - BBG), which addressed issues of information support Washington's policy toward the Ukrainian events. According to Dmitry Babich, this structure virtually determines the nature of US foreign policy propaganda.

By the meeting by teleconference joined chief foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama Ben Rhodes. According to ITAR-TASS, the US undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, Richard Stengel asked him to comment on the public debate over Ukraine between Moscow and Washington.

Thus Stengel admitted that surprised how skillfully the Russian side to defend their positions, particularly in social networks. "I believe that in this area we should be out of the competition, but in fact it is not so" - recognized by the American diplomat, who himself was recently journalists and media executives.

It was also reported that Washington is planning to create a non-stop propaganda channel for broadcasting in Russia. In this chairman BBG stated that the quality of the channel should not yield to RT.

BBG - this is a bipartisan body of Civil US foreign policy propaganda. It is responsible for the "Voice of America"​​, "Freedom" and "Free Europe" (broadcast on Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia), "Free Asia" radio and TV "Marty" (broadcasting to Cuba), Radio "Sawa" and TV "Al-Hurra" (broadcast in the Middle East). By post to the board included US Secretary of State.

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