Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Donchane to Determine Who Will Support the Election on November 2

Donchane determine who will support the election on November 2

Monitoring Group Support Fund sociology "Sotsis" conducted a survey on the topic of the upcoming elections to the People's Council elections DNI and head of the republic.
As it turned out as a result of the poll, in the parliamentary elections, 39.1% of respondents are going to support the public organization "Donetsk Republic", 31.6% - a social movement "Free Donbass", which included the party of "New Russia". Another 29.3% of respondents were undecided or not yet undecided.
In the ranking of the candidates for the post of head of the Donetsk Republic leads the current Prime Minister Alexander Zaharchenko DNI. He was ready to vote 51.3% of Donetsk. For the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Yuri Sivokonenko going to give voice to 5.1% of the respondents, the deputy chairman of the parliament DNI Alexander Kofman ready to elect a 0.8%. The remaining 42.8% of respondents with an opinion have not decided yet.
In a study of public opinion, which was held from 24 to 27 October this year, was attended by 2,109 people in all the cities of Donetsk National Republic at the age of 18 years. The error margin is 2.1%.
Recall elections to the People's Council and the head of the DNI DNI held November 2, 2014.  

National Council is elected for four years in the amount of 100 deputies. Put forward a list of candidates for the People's Council DNI can public organizations and associations. Entry barriers in the People's Council of the DNI is 5% of the vote.

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