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Civil war in Ukraine: elections in Soviet - BATTLE FOR THE MANDATES

Oct. 5th, 2014 at 2:24 PM

Original taken from: mikel2_lagutin in the civil war in Ukraine: elections in Soviet - BATTLE FOR THE MANDATES

NATIONALISTS Boda and bites: Messrs, you're a beast, Messrs!

Everything started on the Maidan, where the extraordinary, not yet fully modern, but only the intended pace-dotted Melpomene production the idea of "real theater" has degenerated into utter bredyatinu in stupid farce. What happened there and is still happening? Full-tops - areal dell'arte farce mixed with directorial innovation Nyakroshyus. The whole thing came down to interpretation composed by clever men from Langley somnambulistic little pieces Samostiyny hohlyatskimi directors to cheap clowning and even roguish juggling the author's intention. 

At that time (after the Reichstag fire stormtroopers Goering) was revealed to the Most Ancient vulgarity - expression of mediocrity, Neuvazliayev-trough due to revision of Sophocles, Gogol, Ostrovsky, Shakespeare, Goethe ... In short, here it is, on the face of victory reckless, abstract, spectacular populism prepared politically biased ruling clique tyranny nationalists. In short, here it is, the cheerful: boys, sluhay to mene!

Political nationalism was for the Europeans of our age the most important thing in the world more important than humanity, dignity, kindness, devotion, more important,
than life itself ...

That said Nobel laureate Norman Angell even on the eve of the First World War.
From what grows this shit, so to speak, smelly flower? 

In nature, one can observe an unusual phenomenon when not physically connected with each other living things in some Currently a surprising uniformity in their behavior. In parapsychology it is motivated by a term such as collective biofield.From the standpoint of the new (and with it an ancient, forgotten) eniology science (knowledge about energy exchange with the human habitat) all life is subject not only visible but also the invisible collective interactions. 

In his book, "Memory of Nature" Rupert Sheldrake writes: "If in some areas the animals learn a new technique, else the animal will learn it much easier. Likewise, when people learn something new, other people elsewhere learn it more easily. " 

Referring to the data of the recent past : incredible, but it is clear that the most primitive, feral, cannibalistic unscientific theories about "the superiority of separate human races" on the basis of which any German Nazism, Italian fascism and Japanese militarism, including Ukrainian nationalism were so famously propagandized were so intricate, cleverly and attractively embellished ideologically quite a reasonable slogans, in an accessible form calling for the extermination of handicapped individuals and entire peoples subhumans that the planetary atmosphere pandemii economic depression and political instability lightning seized huge human masses.
Why with such ease, ask surprised reader. Simple: it cranked most natural loudmouth! Let me explain: loudmouth were people whose hallmark is for certain knowledge of how to do it right and complete confidence in their infallibility.Therefore loudmouth can not become self-employed - he is an expert on climbing in the affairs of others. Do loudmouth with clarity life goals all right.
After a long and very meaningful conversations with the curators of Langley, explained in detail the general path Majdanovskaya performance in the field of artistic samoizyavleniya, hohlyatsko-ukropskie loudmouth, united into a real Kiev junta, the outbreak of civil war in the South eastern Ukraine. In the West, all the bombing and shelling of civilian towns, villages and hamlets in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, dead children, women and the elderly, the use of prohibited weapons (phosphorous charges and ballistic missiles) were burned in Odessa Palace of Trade Unions antimaydanovtsy crushed by armored personnel carriers pravosekov-homosexual citizens Mariupol perceived not only as a cute romantic fun, causing a wonderful and complex mind, not childishness, but maturity; as an ironic commentary on the vicissitudes of life as wonderful compliment. Crushed, shot, burned should melt with gratitude.

Bandera eyes Germans fragment from the movie 'Our mothers, our fathers', Germany, 2013:

Europe Germans laugh at the Maidan and the United States.Journalist TV show 06.2014:

Just nine months after the coup, and three months after the elections in friendly, united and cohesive team postmaydannoy cleavage began. Yes, yes, do not mince words: it is called so. The history of "color revolutions" in Ukraine is uncomplicated and results in repeated finale. After all, what we have seen in 2004? 

irreconcilable struggle against President Yushchenko messiah and orange princess, Prime Minister Tymoshenko, which manifested itself in all its glory within six months after the coup, orange and the third round of the presidential elections illegal. 

They troll each other with gusto and well-defined mutual hatred . Tymoshenko has publicly called Yushchenko's "wimp" and "cloth", he referred to the premiere of "bitch, pick up credits as a dog of fleas." 

As a result of intraspecific combat in the orange camp, Ukraine received bonded gas contract is split into West and East of the country, the traditional fall hryvnia (from 4 to 8 hryvnia for 1 y. e.) and other economic "charm". The apotheosis of the confrontation between members of the "Revolutionary Committee" -2004 can be regarded as an ice Tymoshenko addressed godmother Yushchenko: "And here in tears and snot runs Pyotr Alexeyevich." 

Now, now, "snotty" Peter became president. Well, it happened. But the situation has not changed, and intraspecific struggle continues. Poroshenko has every chance of "time machine" to go back and understand what felt rural accountant and his godfather said. However, little has changed the format of sensations. Moved, so to speak, a new European level. 

As you know, Ukraine on Independence "vyborola" the right to become a full-fledged member of the close-knit family of European nations. Therefore, "to have" Poroshenko, in accordance with European homosexual tradition is not a girl Julia, as is customary in backward homophobic society, and the boy Senja. 

Or even a group of boys with perverse inclinations. In general, September 11, in Ukraine there was an anti-presidential latent coup: House in Kyiv teachers held a congress of the block "Popular Front" headed by the Speaker and the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Turchynov.
available in the lobby of the building where once met Central Council, in addition to officials gathered the cream of "volunteer army ": talking helmet Tymchuk commanders destroyer battalions like Sementchenko, former commandant of the Maidan, the former secretary of the Security Council Paruby acting glavment Avakov and his loyal advisers, among which highlights Zorian Shkiryak and Tanya Chornovil. It is number five on the list and will be female (not yet broken) face the "Popular Front." 

In addition, Yatsenyuk and Turchinov lead to parliament ex-head of the AP, sniper Maidana Sergei Pashinsky, Minister for Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova, restless Ksenia Lyapina. Does not bother anyone, that at least two "veteran" - Chornovil and Paruby - have a certificate of mental incapacity. This is not a certificate of conviction Yanukovych ... 

Similarly, do not care a direct violation of the law prohibiting the military to participate in politics. Although all battalion commanders and warlords formally "introduced" in the Military Council of the new party, actually it does not change. In Ukraine, for the first time formed a political force with the direct participation of the people with arms.
And it is - not a party of oligarch Kolomoiskiy what was so afraid of the president.The organizers of a political demarche were if not Poroshenko associates, then certainly his supporters exactly Maidan.
Clearly, the tandem Yatsenuk - Turchinova beat block Poroshenko. No wonder the President block the second time brings the date of the election of the Congress: in Poroshenko just was not spectacular figures to fill the list. 

Currently there next to him only note-alcoholic, ex-socialist and former commandant of the Maidan-2004 Yuriy Lutsenko, as well as dull and cowardly governors and officials . No matter how much money changers Poroshenko heads of regions, nothing charismatic could not be found.
Poroshenko List - it sucks, it's a list of "love of friends" sample of 2004. Initiative and footage intercepted "veterans" Yatsenyuk: Special thanks to Turchynov, who finally "threw" outdated Tymoshenko and joined a new team. 

President What to do now? He will have no choice but to fill in the pre-election clusters repaint Regionals and fellow oligarchs like Kosyuk owner chicken brand "Our Ryaba". Promoted Maidan flywheel war easily grind this "chicken" and all steel birds of the world: it is positioned as a unit Poroshenko peace project. 

Pyotr Alexeyevich wanted to copy the script presidential elections of May 25 and to strengthen its representation in the parliament. But this scenario is broken Prime Minister, the Speaker and their military comrades. 

Poroshenko now possible to "organize" in parliament private and correct him most sharply decreased. But increased the possibility of another coup in the autumn - winter. 

And I repeat, the organizer of "dust-" will not zhidobanderovets Kolomoysky. So, there is a terrible omens of the future and the end of the peace plan Poroshenko and of Peter I as a politician.
First of all, attention is drawn to the fact that "poplechniki" Maidan openly ignored the president's call to all democratic forces to unite around a single center - the presidential administration. Instead of obediently join the dimensionless unit type "for food", leaders of the executive and legislative branches of government have created their own center of influence, which is an alternative to the president's association. 

More dangerous is that on the side and Turchinova Yatsenuk moved most powerful figures of the Cabinet and Parliament and Poroshenko will get meaningless "stubs" and cowardly oligarchs. Very flimsy opposed heroes ATO. 

Worse that both units will operate within a single electoral field that will only exacerbate the confrontation between competing power groups. Power split automatically leads to a split in the siloviki. 

Yes they are split into two warring (literally and figuratively) camps: on the one hand the Minister of Defense and head of the SBU Geletey Nalivaychenko, on the other - the former secretary of the Security Council, the heroes of ATO, police and Avakova karateli- volunteers.
There is the same power fist, which overthrew the legitimately elected Yanukovich, and after the military experience of this group does not cost anything to carry Poroshenko. Scenario run-in, the people there. 

Overall, formed a real party of war, which is crazy public demand. This force is aimed at the complete destruction of the "terrorists", erasing Donbass with maps of Ukraine, the rupture of relations with Russia, the militarization of society, the entry into NATO.
Not for nothing Congress "Popular Front" was held against the backdrop of the Minsk truce intensified contacts between Poroshenko and Putin making the president to the parliament of the law on the special status of the Donbass. 

There is head-on collision, "a party of patriots" (Yatsenuk & Co.) against the "party of traitors and collaborators." And this is only the beginning, continued to be bright, as in block Yatsenyuk met a whole bunch of schizophrenic personalities, hysterical and sectarians, pedophiles, and so on. perverts.
today is claimed by the majority of Ukrainians, requiring blood, corpses and win at any cost. The president's party loses against this background, and she has two choices: to surrender and hand over stupid "Popular Front" all that is possible, from the government to the business in return agreed to act in concert in the new Verkhovna Rada.

Plan "B" - to cancel the parliamentary elections and impose martial law. No wonder the president Poroshenko has said about arms shipments from NATO, and the army began to receive technology and equipment, which have not been seen.

Unfortunately, I must admit: Ukraine - bankrupt, and the only product that loudmouth Kiev junta will sell with growing haste - a preparation for destructive actions against Russia, placing NATO infrastructure and even missile on its territory.Growing debts to the Euro-Atlantic financial unions make Ukraine absolutely obedient manufacturer of cannon fodder for the needs of NATO (literally, not figuratively).The coming year may be the last in a series of years spent waiting for the European values. They would come to her - mass unemployment and impoverishment of the people without exception.


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