Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bloomberg News , Russian President Vladimir Putin was the victor in the Ukrainian conflict.

So, the official results announced and the winner is declared. 
According to the conclusions of Bloomberg News , Russian President Vladimir Putin was the victor in
the Ukrainian conflict.

It is clear that Putin was the winner, but the true winners are still residents of the eastern part of Ukraine and the people's militia. Resistance forces manifested themselves in battles brilliantly, especially considering that they were at war with the much larger and better equipped army, sent Kiev junta at the destruction of the people she declared terrorists.

The terrorist activities of these people was that they were in opposition to the ruling neo-Nazis and the oligarchs, and expressed the desire for self-government. American puppets in Kiev launched car violence. Residents of the eastern part of the country to stop her.

The fact that the military campaign will collapse, it became clear by the end of August, when the western politicians and the media could not hide a series of humiliating defeats Kiev army. And then suddenly a "crusade" against Kiev east of the country has been replaced by the Russian side proposed a truce (Minsk protocol on the fifth of September). The agreement also stipulates the legitimization of governments Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics. Their representatives have signed the protocol, along with the Government of Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Trying to hide the extent of his defeat, the Ukrainian oligarch and President Peter Poroshenko in mid-September was made in Congress. Sold and bought politicians met Poroshenko statements about the beginning of a new Cold War with applause, some even got up. But requests for arms transfers were not satisfied. Poroshenko left empty-handed - a consolation prize in the form of several million dollars, while Ukraine desperately needs billions to avoid economic collapse.

But the most interesting action took place "behind the scenes" between the leaders of the Ukrainian and Russian. Unlike his other statements, accompanied by a public smashing his chest, the Ukrainian leadership, with downcast eyes, offered the rebellious regions, in fact, autonomy for a period of three years.

Material Bloomberg is of particular interest since it appeared in the homeland of the American financial elite. Given all the uncertainties, the findings are quite clear. This material could be a perfect epitaph for a lost war.

Here are key excerpts from the article Bloomberg:

Magical performance

"Ukrainian President Poroshenko satisfied" magic show. " Pretending that his country has a chance to enter the European Union or NATO, he tries to disguise the gradual demise of both Kiev and Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Ukraine is not in the conditionto hidevictory of Putin ". (Bloomberg, 26 September )

Speech Poroshenko in Congress was the culmination of this magical show. Nothing, in fact, could not be reached, but it helped to divert attention from the militias and surrender to the demands of Russia.

Rebates Poroshenko requirements Putin

"A few days ago, the Ukrainian parliament adopted Poroshenko approved a law granting self-proclaimed self-governments and budgetary support in the territories held by the pro-Russian militia. Besides, Kiev agreed not to reduce trade barriers for European goods.Russia, for its part, takes most of its troops from eastern Ukraine and helps to have an exchange of prisoners between the militias and the Ukrainian army. " ( Bloomberg , September 26)

Government, it is, in fact, the same as autonomy. The idea of ​​a happy reunion of the rebel regions and the central government of Ukraine seems unfathomable. Most likely, this idea never materializes. With regard to the author's comments on Bloomberg presence of Russian troops (that is, the alleged Russian invasion), then it falls under the same category as the militia charges that they shot down the plane Malaysian MH17: political belief, is not backed by evidence.

Ukraine's membership in NATO is extremely unlikely

"Pragmatism - a key concept. There is no chance that the EU and NATO will be the Ukraine, at least as long as it does not agree with Russia. Ukraine - it's too heavy economic burden and the constant threat of war. Europeans are reluctant to take on full responsibility for a huge, dangerous and unbalanced country. " ( Bloomberg , September 26)

When Bloomberg calls to any country "unbalanced", it means that the country is really a very big problem. NATO and the EU would not want to mess with the loonies. It is clear that America does not want.

Ukrainian army is not able to win the battle, but not that war. Then, in the country there is a problem with the Nazi banners and swastikas on their helmets Ukrainian soldiers.

Certainly, the neoconservatives never abandon the policy of endless war. Just now they are shifting their attention to the LIH, the Middle East and then to make the next president, Hillary Clinton.

After those destructive forces that it has taken with regard to Libya and Syria, one can only guess what other surprises are hidden away in her sleeve.

Translation for MixedNews - Polina Shelest

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