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Answers to questions on New Russia - Part №1

Answers to questions on New Russia - Part №1

October 19, 16:16

The first part of the responses to the questions posed in this 2510.html topic. ( Close )

Moderator- is long overdue
Yes, long overdue, and in November it should be.

1. Can Fusiliers return and lead the troops strelkovtsev? 
2. Can strelkovtsy deprived stronghold of heavy weapons back and do not let yourself be ground at the airport, etc.. Places? 
3. What are the chances of overthrowing Zaharchenko Kononov and without heavy weapons, which in the cities is not particularly effective. 

1. This in certain hands, not impossible option.
2. Strelkovtsy perform military orders, the leaders of the political activities of the combat units are not engaged. 
3. I do not think that someone will go to the seizure of power by force, especially with the urban battles with armored vehicles. current events without the mat can not comment on (it might still leave?) Sometimes it is very difficult, but we must try.
Which regions should enter in the New Russia, to become self-sufficient and that it is both sufficiently castrated Ukraine, that it was no longer economically in any way self? Donbass + + Dnepr Zaporozhye has power? How Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa jump? Infected if they are hopeless? In New Russia must enter at least 7-8 areas. This is primarily Kharkiv and Zaporizhia, Kherson and also for breaking through the corridor to the Crimea. Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk are in occupation of the Nazi regime, the local resistance there is in a downtrodden state, but it is. You just have to understand that the mass actions of the Nazis, largely created by the importation of non-resident punitive and defeat resistance organizations. Bulk as before, do not care at all - so when downloading the appropriate financial, organizational and military resources in the guerrilla groups, with their transition to active duty, you can even shake Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, and even more or Kharkov. What is known: -Create own payment system (it is not clear how to pay the claimed tax) -preparation winter -izyatiyu existing property tycoons 

1. Now we are working in this direction, the government has published the terms of the NPT taxation, which are generally more profitable than those that existed in the Ukraine. Plus is outreach to pay taxes in Donetsk and not in Kiev. 
2. Ready for winter, but due to lack of resources, the winter will be heavy. Russia to help on a number of parameters will be delivered warm clothes and non-government funds, but it is not enough at all, so it will be hard. 
3. Have recently had an example, when employees of the old master and drove himself began to manage the plant. Plus Zakharchenko said that DNR will take partial nationalization. Penza dealt with: (( questionnaire which ideology is taking place in the minds of ,, warlords ,, sootvetstvenno- and theirs fighters. There VERIFIED (video) - that in all seriousness people hit in BER (,, concept commonly. safety) runichestvo (there to ,, foshizma ,, close) and so forth. ideological dislocations (provoslavnoy stalinizm :). ,, What worship ,,?, or just want to join and there Rossii as will be ...? ps ,, fighting ukr.foshizmom ideology does not count). Ideologies in the minds of very different, from the ultra-right-wing radicals to ultra-Marxists. Because of the diversity of ideologies in the minds of people held together by a common goal of fighting fascism , davleyuschaya ideology in the New Russia is not formed. I think the theme or armor at all left the media field? Where now and for all who is depressed tanks, etc.? Under whose authority are repair shops and what is the situation on fuel in the whole of New Russia? theme is gone, but due to the decrease in the intensity of the fighting, 
she was on the second plane. Pressed at junta tanks are in different units, both regular and "wild."

General Management in fact not, there are shops in Donetsk, but the fact that they can try to repaired in the field, including by dismantling other equipment. situation with fuel is difficult, especially in the "wild militias" in BCH slightly easier, but still not clear. 's brothers Weiner in his book "Racing vertical" was lint Maydannik Alex Grandfather nicknamed Baton, he tyril bags on trains, but did not hesitate and shops. Roman filmed, brilliantly played by Valentin Loaf Gaft. Now thieves Maidannikov rabotyut on large and peel immediately all the people that are in high offices. 

Dear colonelcassad, did you know anything about Volotovo? What happened to him, where is he? Experience for our hero. Bolotoff alive and well. Located in Moscow. Engaged in some issues of humanitarian supplies. How to join the team of Ghost in Donetsk? I can not find any contact the recruiting office. 8-988-555-86-18 What prevents the DNR and LC will integrate into a single state?After this the chance of survival more. Well, it's my personal opinion. Personal ambitions commanders BCH Makhnovism, high crime, lack of competent professionals. 

Novorossia a Natural more viable structure than DNR and LC separately. Will DNR to do something with social benefits. So far, the high-profile statements by the beginning of social payments are not supported from the floor. Exterminating the population does not increase hunger support new vlasti.LYuDI can not live without food, but it must be something BUY. 'm not talking about drugs going, improving tax collection assistance from Russia (humanitarian and financial), establishing normlano work in the rear areas, will help solve part of the problem, but we must understand that this is not enough for a complete restoration of the social sphere. It simply can not afford. captcha is necessary to connect the comments. At one time connecting.Did not like the disabled. Boris write about communists Donbass and Crimea as they relate to carpentry, and Zaharchenko Purgin where organ of the party organization and how they are presented on the Internet. 

Which is working in governments and DNR LC and in combat units, the temporarily occupied terrioriyah. Are mobilize Communists to the front. All that you see fit write, or better yet, place a detailed interview on these issues.separately. On Lenin and Stalin. Need to write about it and talk to your resources to restore the historical truth in the minds of people.
1. In the DNR has established the Communist Party. Head of the Armed Forces DNR Litvinov, a Communist. With the government it is quite working relationship. The Party of Communists of the NPT puts their goals struggle for social justice, the fight against fascism, etc. 
2. Work in combat units being little, though the flow of people with left-wing and communist views on the Donbass has grown significantly, but there is little merit the Communist Party of the DNI, it is rather a third-party process. 
3. Mobilization is not provided. On the front are only volunteers. 
4. Article on this subject if you have time, I will do. 
5. Repeatedly wrote and spoke. As the intensity of the events in New Russia subsides, continue. Was continued responses Petrovsky 37771.html ?Well, if it will be worth the answers, it certainly will. In the usual way, you can monitor the message "frowns" on the famous antiques forum, where he wrote Shooters. Hello, Boris. What are the chances of social and economic instability in Russia? Ruble devalued, oil becomes cheaper, the "fifth column" is activated - it seems that no good it does not. In my view, the likelihood of destabilization, including as a result of external pressure from the United States and the activities of defeatists in Russia itself, create the preconditions for coup in the country. well what counts mats? ie if part of the word mask **** is ok?Definition mat is in the dictionaries. So as you suggest, would be excellent. Boris, whether I understand that "Plan B", which is now being considered by the Russian leadership involves tough confrontation with the West on the verge of armed conflict? You are in one of the comments written about the fact that the adoption of "Plan B" will result in "hard times", and that in Sevastopol urgently restore the air-raid shelter. This option is considered for a variety of data and it is realized in a number of points (just in case ). The Kremlin is well aware of the real threat of a direct confrontation with the United States and its satellites. 

1. It turned out there who do this was the "general" Korsun? From local or Russian? Military, cop, or someone else? Himself all up or sent someone? (What he adventurer already read, thanks). 
2. Caught the announcement about the arrival in LC has 12,000 Don Cossacks. With this as something moves in the light of recent trends towards de-escalation and disarmament? 

1. Personality "Korsun" is unknown, as well as his biography. 
2. I think this is a PR golimy or exaggeration. People (including Cossacks) travel to New Russia, but this figure is obvious too high. understand that vague question, but - what are the chances of your Brain to combine some of the militias and to organize resistance discharge processes? Chances are, but then not all of the Brain depends. Plus keep in mind that on the brain goes through the pressure of humanitarian aid, that he obeyed the current rate.Boris, and how many of the militia members of the "United Russia"? Or they can only zomboyaschiku tear chest vest for New Russia? If ordinary militia, I personally not seen. I know that there were officials from the EP, which helped, and even traveled to New Russia. But they count on the verge of statistical error. Vest also tear for many Novorossia much, just a lot of things in this direction, and it saddens no. I am interested in the fate of the Serbian sniper. (I think his name Deca) If it is the one with the black hair from under Lugansk, a sort of living was. Continued ...

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