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Novorossia Has Created an Army, a Real Army, Not Just a Militia. | Nikolaev Republic Underground Address

October 26, 2014

Nikolaev Republic Underground Address

Nikolaev Republic
Rusvesna from Center for Coordination of New Rus
Nikolaev has its own underground structure with a coordination center. It includes two elements: civil and military resistance. Currently the first element is engaged in propaganda work with the population and actions such as painting posters. Since Nikolaev anti-maidan was prepared in advance to go underground, the people have been trained. With regard to the combat element, its preparation and testing including fighting in Donbass, too, have been completed. However, it is not yet active, its time has not come yet. Its main task is the collection of intelligence.

How do you think we know so much about Merikov, the first and the second? That Bogomaz is Yatsenyuk's person? That now courts are thoroughly cleaning archives, even though we scanned everything a long time ago. We know how much takes the Chief of Zavodskoy Police department with a beautiful Ukrainian last name Pokidko. We know about the district judge Androshyuk, and a host of other judges. We know the area and who took how many bribes, who was engaged in racketeering in favor of Maidan. Know who, through the banks, took elderly people's housing and threw them out on a street. We know how many heavy weapons are in the city and the suburbs, aware that artillery is facing the town, know that the miserable want to blow up the bridges. Know about the rotation, about constant movement of railway trains ...

We know how to run the plants, and what's needed to do that. We know that the vast majority of Nikolaev inhabitants do not support Kiev junta, even though it is clear to anyone who rides public transport or goes to the city market ...

We were taught how to find whats really useful out of mountains of information. We are now united in a system. And when we have to take control of the city in our hands, we will know what to do. We will not stay idle, and if we can succeed in preventing terrorist attacks, which are planned by Kiev junta, we will not loose power, or electricity, or water, or deliveries of products.

To all the 'tourists' who sitting on the couch shout that Nikolaev supports the Nazis, I recommend to stroll around Vodopoi, Raketnaja Rosha or Namyv in the evening ... If you are in downtown the cops are forced to protect you, in the rest of the city you are one on one with the locals, so try to prove to them that they are in favour of genocide of the Russian people.

Yes, we use physical methods on the most active enemies. But some of the facts you will really never learn about. As an example are two fighter pilots who bombed Donbass, and then suddenly "committed suicide". After May 2nd we are not timid about our methods.

However, we do not suffer hatred to those who speak Ukrainian. Not only we have a lot of such people on our team, starting with the deputy commander of  "Berkut", who now fights in Donbass, led by Motorola, and ending with a girl who translates fliers into Ukrainian.

I don't want to say that everything that was done in Nikolaev, was done just by our group. There are quite a few people who just cannot sit idly by waiting for miraculous deliverance. We ask them: take care of yourselves! When the junta will be thrown out of our city of shipbuilders, we will all need GOOD people who haven't forgotten about honor and conscience.

Nikolaev continues to resist, the townspeople see it in the form of inscriptions and splashes on the posters. Raguli (junta) see this as physical injuries of different severity. Authorities have to contain an army of 'security contractors' to somehow provide a visibility of order in Nikolaev.

But there's another observation: people not hiding, not whispering, openly discussing the increasingly difficult living conditions, that the war unleashed by the Nazis murdered peaceful residents, regardless of what language they spoke. People see more signs "For rent" and "For sale". Trade has almost stopped, and against this backdrop, released drug addicts and petty criminals are plundering the population. Public lynchings have already become common.
Novorossia has created an army, a real army, not just a militia. Of course, without those who had sacrificed their lives first, having lost their homes, and those who have lost relatives, without these heroes there would be no army. The army is too, a system, it needs to be built, but most of all it needs human resources. In Novorossia, there are not only the citizens of Donbass or volunteers from other countries. In the army there are residents of Odessa, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, lots of people from Galicia, there is no town of the former Ukraine, whose inhabitants did not shed their blood for Donbass region, for freedom, for democracy, for the future without fascism.
Why there is no offensive? Because time was needed to built an army, among other things, to rebuild infrastructure, destroyed by ukrops. A new society is forming. The issues of the banking system are being dealt with. And much more.
But no one forgets that Novorossia is not only Donbass, we remember the cities remaining under occupation. The townspeople of occupied cities fear of similar fate as Donbass, and hesitate to move to action. Well, we are forced to wait. This is one of the reasons why there is no offensive. Donbass took the brunt of the fascist blow, here they are and will remain in the ground, and by spring, Novorossia will rise!
This is the visible part of the iceberg. We are here, we are in the city, we are ready and we are waiting ...
Translated by Kristina Rus

Is Putin Spreading Ebola? "Sure Why Not" | by Riley Waggaman

Is Putin Spreading Ebola? Sure Why Not

But this time without Patrick Swayze, RIP
With Ebola now killing 0.000001% of Americans who might have otherwise died naturally from self-inflicted gunshot wounds, diabetes, car accidents or no-knock, wrong-condo SWAT raids, The Washington Post has bravely asked what you are already thinking deep within your sub-subconscious: Isn’t this Russia’s fault, somehow? Your intrepid Russia correspondent will now confirm what is plainly obvious.

We won’t dwell on this hard-hitting morsel of shoe-leather journalism for too long, but why is there an American flag waving proudly in WaPo’s scary photograph of a Top Secret Siberian Ebola-Bomb Factory?

Actually, the subtlety at play here is much more sophisticated than the usual word salad typically tossed by our friends at the Post. Instead of “Putin shot down MH-17 with an Ebola rocket,” they’ve gone with something a bit more finespun:
At a time when the world is grappling with an unprecedented Ebola crisis, the wall of secrecy surrounding the [Siberian Institute for Spreading Ebola] looms still larger, arms-control experts say, feeding conspiracy theories and raising suspicions.
Your correspondent would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that the Russian Federation is doing everything it possibly can to spread Ebola everywhere.

More deserving of our attention and admiration is Ben Judah’s recent bombshell for Politico, “Disgraced Ex-Foreign Minister of Poland Told Me Fairy Stories About Vladimir Putin, Recanted – Published Them Anyway Because I’m a Callous Ideologue.”

Judah’s primary source for his latest Putin exposé was none other than Radoslaw Sikorski, the “colorful” Polish ex-diplomat (ex because he was fired for incompetence) who once jested that Barack Obama’s grandparents were Godless cannibals. And as you might imagine, Sikorski had a racist fartbox full of steamy Putin scoops, which Judah greedily gobbled up.

Try and guess what happens next.
According to a very carefully worded Reuters article, Sikorski “mis-remembered” when he told Judah that:
Russian President Vladimir Putin had proposed that Warsaw and Moscow occupy Ukraine and divide it between them.
In an interview with U.S. website Politico dated Oct. 19, Sikorski said that Putin had made the proposal to Donald Tusk, who at the time was Polish prime minister, during a 2008 meeting between the two leaders in Moscow.
“There was an over-interpretation in the text and my memory failed me, because after a check it was revealed that there was no such meeting in Moscow between Tusk and Putin,” said Sikorski, who served until last month as foreign minister.
“It’s natural for a human being to get ahead of oneself and this was the case here.”
We’ve all mis-remembered things that Vladimir Putin never said at meetings that we did not attend and actually never took place. To mis-remember is to be human. But the question remains: How exactly did this tall tale make it to print? Isn’t there a urine-stained corner in every newsroom where an unpaid intern Facebook-pokes sources, meeting dates, provocative allegations, and so on — what industry insiders call “fact-checking”?

The short answer to this troubling question is: “It’s Politico.” The slightly longer answer: “It’s Ben Judah writing about Putin, for Politico.” As of Monday, Oct. 27, 13:41 Permanent Winter Time, Politico has yet to make any corrections or amendments to Judah’s fan fiction. Don’t cave in to reality, Politico — stay the course.

We shall end this nightmare-saga by reminding our dear readers that Radoslaw Sikorski is married to famous guano faucet Anne Applebaum, the WaPo wordsmith who over the years has crafted such literary delights as “Prepare for War with Iran”, “Should We Assassinate Saddam?” and our personal favorite: “A Preemptive Strike Against Muslim Extremism in Switzerland.” When Applebaum isn’t busy blaming Muslims for her toe corns, she writes about the looming Red Menace and other deep thoughts.

The holy union between Anne Applebaum and her amnesic Polish boy toy reminds us of an ancient Russian proverb, “два сапога – пара,” which roughly translates to: “Two dildos makes a double-sided dildo.”

Let’s move on to the next agenda item.

In order to thwart homosexual conspiracies, Russia announced this month that it would end its long-standing student exchange program FLEX (Future Leader Exchange) with the United States.
To find out more, we spoke with “Ruslan,” who lived for one year in Ohio as a FLEX-er. Ruslan now studies at Moscow State University of International Relations, which means that he is smarter than you. Here are some questions and answers:

WONKETTE: Russia has axed its participation in FLEX, for reasons which are both unclear and strange. Is this a great loss to young, overachieving Russians such as yourself? 

Ruslan: Yes. The program really helped me to finally decide what I want to do in my future career, and it’s great to know that on the other side of the world there are people who still care about me. Fun fact: the nephew of my host-mom wants to major in Russian studies (I don’t know if he still wants to do it, but the fact that he got so interested in me and my culture is pretty amazing).

W: Do you think FLEX is important for maintaining not-totally-insane relations between the US and Russia? 

R: FLEX is extremely important for Russia because usually the State Department manages to select the future intellectual elite of Russia (sorry for sounding pompous), and of course nobody who has lived with an American family would later in his or her career be hostile towards the US, and the same can be said about the Americans who interact with Russian students from the program. The Americans I befriended now have more critical views of how Russia is portrayed by the media.

W: If you read between the lines, the Russian government seems to think that the program is used to indoctrinate impressionable young Russians.

R: Most FLEX alumni stay in Russia and study at the best Russian universities. Also when students come back they describe America realistically, saying, “Yeah America has some awesome stuff, buuuuuut there are a lot of problems, just like in Russia” — they realize that the US is not a paradise.

W: People – and by people, we really mean “Americans” – perceive life in Russia as a never-ending Human Rights Watch reality television series; no free press or freedom of speech, persecution of political opponents and sexual minorities, and so on. Do you think this is a fair characterization of contemporary Russia?

R: Not really. I think that it’s unfair to think that the government is that oppressive. Sure, you won’t find anti-government statements on state-controlled television, but there is plenty of anti-government stuff on the Internet and in newspapers. Moreover, VK.com [Russian Facebook] is not only hugely popular but also pretty liberal, and one can find all kinds of stuff there including unbiased news (plus illegal music downloads, movies, porn, etc.). Russia is far more open and pluralistic than it was twenty years ago.

W: Did you feel more “free” while living in Ohio?

R: I’d say yes, but only on a personal level. Americans aren’t very inward-looking and are very much attached to the idea that they are “free” – so they don’t see their own problems like human rights violations, racism, poverty, drugs, etc. In Russia there’s no such assumption about “being free,” so people see things more impartially I guess. So on that level I feel more free here in Russia.
W: Спасибо for your time.

R: Пожалуйста.

Until next week. Your Faithful FSB Agent,
Riley Waggaman is “America’s most trusted cub reporter,” according to Vanity Fair. He is not a reporter and he does not live in America. He can be reached at riley.waggaman at gmail dot com.

Source: http://wonkette.com/564482/is-putin-spreading-ebola#VeXTO0U7gVwQmMxk.99

Russia to recognize upcoming elections in Novorossiya

Russia to recognize upcoming elections in Novorossiya

28.10.2014 | Source: Pravda.Ru

Russia to recognize upcoming elections in Novorossiya. 53849.jpeg
Russia will recognize the results of the upcoming elections in the People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk that are to be held in accordance with the Minsk agreements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"We believe that this is one of the most important directions of the Minsk agreements. We expect that the elections will be conducted as we agreed, and we will, of course, recognize the results," said Sergey Lavrov in an interview with LifeNews and the Izvestia newspaper.

The elections are scheduled for November 2. Residents of the two breakaway republics of Ukraine will go to the polls to elect MPs and regional leaders.

According to Lavrov, the elections will be important for the legitimization of power in the two republics. "We hope that the will expression will be free, and no one will try to undermine it from the outside," he said.

For the time being, the Ukrainian troops put obstacles for the coming elections. The military violate the regime of silence, continue to shell residential areas and infrastructure of the two republics. Yesterday, one person was killed and more than a dozen were wounded, according to Russia 24 TV Channel. Several houses were destroyed or damaged. To crown it all, the Ukrainian military continue regrouping their forces, while receiving reinforcements.

Speaking of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine that took place on October 26, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that although there were violations made, Moscow recognized the results of the voting. According to him, it is important for Russia that Ukraine has the power that deals with real problems of the state, rather than internal struggle. Moscow hopes that sensible, pragmatic and aggressive approach will prevail in Kiev.

 Ukraine prepares massive offensive on Novorossiya

Donchane to Determine Who Will Support the Election on November 2

Donchane determine who will support the election on November 2

Monitoring Group Support Fund sociology "Sotsis" conducted a survey on the topic of the upcoming elections to the People's Council elections DNI and head of the republic.
As it turned out as a result of the poll, in the parliamentary elections, 39.1% of respondents are going to support the public organization "Donetsk Republic", 31.6% - a social movement "Free Donbass", which included the party of "New Russia". Another 29.3% of respondents were undecided or not yet undecided.
In the ranking of the candidates for the post of head of the Donetsk Republic leads the current Prime Minister Alexander Zaharchenko DNI. He was ready to vote 51.3% of Donetsk. For the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Yuri Sivokonenko going to give voice to 5.1% of the respondents, the deputy chairman of the parliament DNI Alexander Kofman ready to elect a 0.8%. The remaining 42.8% of respondents with an opinion have not decided yet.
In a study of public opinion, which was held from 24 to 27 October this year, was attended by 2,109 people in all the cities of Donetsk National Republic at the age of 18 years. The error margin is 2.1%.
Recall elections to the People's Council and the head of the DNI DNI held November 2, 2014.  

National Council is elected for four years in the amount of 100 deputies. Put forward a list of candidates for the People's Council DNI can public organizations and associations. Entry barriers in the People's Council of the DNI is 5% of the vote.

Under Mariupol Fighting Started

Under Mariupol fighting  
Photo © RIA Novosti. Gennady Oak

At the headquarters of the militia told the aggravation of the situation under Mariupol NSDC unveiled the latest maps of hostilities in the ATO as at 27 October. According to the map, the hot spots in the area of ​​so-called ATO remain Mariupol Debaltseve, Uglegorsk, Avdiyivka, Krasnogorovka.
From Mariupol still come to local residents about the atrocities security forces - robberies, robberies, improper behavior against women and the elderly. In response to the firing of Ukrainian punishers around Mariupol, militia opened fire on a line-Pavlopol Gnutovo from mortars and tanks. On the eve of hundreds of pieces of equipment militia were directed toward Mariupol and Volnovakha for a preemptive strike against the troops of Ukraine. Meanwhile, a group of guerrillas in Mariupol has adopted mortar "Cornflower".
This automatic mortar guerrillas turned into a mobile installation, putting gun on the chassis of the truck. Guerrilla mortar opens fire on concentrations of Ukrainian troops and making two or three volleys, disappears. Also on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol was attacked soldiers with machine MAT - car fired counter "Lanos".
The result was killed 36-year-old from Poltava natsgvardeets with the callsign "Tractor". In addition, the Ukrainian military with 32th roadblock were surrounded in the village Bold LC (highway Bahmutovka-Lugansk) and is now preparing for a possible assault.
According to one of natsgvardeytsev with neighboring 31st checkpoint at the far post tried to break two humanitarian convoy. However, the first crew of the jet exploded a mine, the second - was captured.

Monday, October 27, 2014


MH17 might have been shot down from air - chief Dutch investigator

MH17 wreckage
© Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin
George and Angela Dyczynski sit on a piece of wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, during their visit to the crash site near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), in Donetsk region July 26, 2014.
The chief Dutch prosecutor investigating the MH17 downing in eastern Ukraine does not exclude the possibility that the aircraft might have been shot down from air, Der Spiegel reported. Intelligence to support this was presented by Moscow in July.

The chief investigator with the Dutch National Prosecutors' Office Fred Westerbeke said in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel published on Monday that his team is open to the theory that another plane shot down the Malaysian airliner.

Following the downing of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in July that killed almost 300 people, Russia's Defense Ministry released military monitoring data, which showed a Kiev military jet tracking the MH17 plane shortly before the crash. No explanation was given by Kiev as to why the military plane was flying so close to a passenger aircraft. Neither Ukraine, nor Western states have officially accepted such a possibility.

Westerbeke said that the Dutch investigators are preparing an official request for Moscow's assistance since Russia is not part of the international investigation team. Westerbeke added that the investigators will specifically ask for the radar data suggesting that a Kiev military jet was flying near the passenger plane right before the catastrophe.

"Going by the intelligence available, it is my opinion that a shooting down by a surface to air missile remains the most likely scenario. But we are not closing our eyes to the possibility that things might have happened differently," he elaborated.

Expert Dmitry Babich: 'The Western Media are Increasingly Disappointing Viewers'

Expert: The Western media are increasingly disappointing viewers

Governing Council on the eve of the US broadcasting at its meeting considered the advocacy functions of Washington's policy. During the meeting, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Stengel noted how skillfully Russia defends his view of the Ukrainian crisis. Political commentator Dmitry Babich believes that the American media is gradually losing ground, because I think the audience no longer trust them. Their place of publication, offering an alternative point of view.

Political commentator Dmitry Babich told RT said that, in his opinion, "the information set, which offer the Western media, ceases to hold the consumer, because it is all sewn with white thread."

"There are a lot of examples: it is data about weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein, which proved to be untrue, and allegedly killed 500,000 Kosovo Albanians, because of which the bombing of Kosovo, and then found out that it was an absolute fake. This set of Western media ceases to hold thoughtful western part of the public. In these circumstances, the information that comes from Russia, is not perceived as propaganda, but simply as an alternative explanation. And this alternative information finds its readers and viewers abroad, including in Western countries, "- said the expert.

According to Dmitry Babich, US officials simply could not imagine that they could lose the information war. "They think that it is any strategy that they lose propagandists. I think it's just an inability to see their own shortcomings. In order to prove that the American and European media lied about Ukraine, the propagandists are not necessary, "- says Babich.

The growing popularity of alternative sources of information, including TV channel RT, which is periodically subjected to attacks by the US leadership, due to the fact that they offer the Western viewer "whole archipelagos of information." While the Western media, according to political commentator, hush burning topics, which leads to the loss of the viewer.

"War in the center of Europe - Ukraine, assault million city - this is what the Western media do not tell. And this is very important information, which, of course, interested in ordinary people in Europe and in the US. On the propaganda media really nobody ever responds because their bias is obvious. But when they begin to find fault, it means that there is an audience of media and it inspires confidence, "- concluded Dmitry Babich.

Recall, on the eve of a meeting of the Governing Council of the United States on Broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors - BBG), which addressed issues of information support Washington's policy toward the Ukrainian events. According to Dmitry Babich, this structure virtually determines the nature of US foreign policy propaganda.

By the meeting by teleconference joined chief foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama Ben Rhodes. According to ITAR-TASS, the US undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, Richard Stengel asked him to comment on the public debate over Ukraine between Moscow and Washington.

Thus Stengel admitted that surprised how skillfully the Russian side to defend their positions, particularly in social networks. "I believe that in this area we should be out of the competition, but in fact it is not so" - recognized by the American diplomat, who himself was recently journalists and media executives.

It was also reported that Washington is planning to create a non-stop propaganda channel for broadcasting in Russia. In this chairman BBG stated that the quality of the channel should not yield to RT.

BBG - this is a bipartisan body of Civil US foreign policy propaganda. It is responsible for the "Voice of America"​​, "Freedom" and "Free Europe" (broadcast on Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia), "Free Asia" radio and TV "Marty" (broadcasting to Cuba), Radio "Sawa" and TV "Al-Hurra" (broadcast in the Middle East). By post to the board included US Secretary of State.

Valdai Putin's Speech : a straight line of Confrontation with Western and American Hegemony

Valdai Putin's Speech : a straight line of Confrontation with Western and American Hegemony

Alexander Dugin
Valdai lesson Basho

Valdai Putin's speech was sustained in the Eurasian great power of clear colors. It would seem that it would have pleased us and inspire hope that the era of oscillations and attempts to negotiate with the enemy over and we go out on a straight line of confrontation with the West and the American hegemony, with which we have a long and most direct fighting.

But I noticed the following feature: Putin's speech in a very complex relationship with the particular policy, which he conducts. By direct logic behind clear declaration must follow the same steps. But Putin never do so did not build its policy does not build. Moreover, it builds its policy opposite way. All the most significant patriotic decisions spontaneously and without any preparation. They have not been reported previously and no one no predugotovleny does not. Speech is usually pronounced completely different logic, not associated with the action. And even more patriotic than we are, the more likely that it will follow for conciliatory steps toward the West. And the reverse is true: the more neutral or evasive speech, the more likely a spontaneous and decisive gesture.

On the eve of the Crimean Putin says nothing, watching the Olympics and Paralympics, even, fascinated by athletes. Times, throw, and our Crimea. Then he spoke in a straight line after the Crimea in radically patriotic vein, why rose Novorossia and Russia. Just after this speech the whole state machine Russia began to act in the opposite manner and acts to date. If we recall the other episodes, such as the Munich speech, we see the same thing: for it is almost never followed by any tangible steps and decisions nor in foreign policy, nor in the internal. Solutions accepts without any declarations of times - and the Soros Foundation in Russia closed Khodorkovsky, our troops in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

So I begin to fear patriotic speeches Putin: they are dangerous, because every now and them nothing should be (at best), or the opposite. It is better when he is silent or says something little more than a chance that he will do something really beautiful and strong.

Probably we are dealing with the psychology of the scout, with his second nature. He should never share these plans with anyone, much less talk about them openly. On the contrary, every word must be a disguise. Truth must not know anybody, otherwise the enemy (and he everywhere!) And get ready to rip scheduled. It would be better, and most do not know the truth, and act on the step by step instructions to get regular from the center through a complex system of caches and caches. But here's the problem: no one is above the President, there is no center and receive instructions from anyone. This creates cognitive problems: hide not account for what you know and what you yourself do not know. It is incredibly difficult, but the effect is striking: if no one knows that in the mind of the Supreme Personality of the state, even he himself, no one can thwart his plans - as they are born spontaneously and at the last moment.

It is well known that the martial art that is practiced Putin, based on the metaphysics of Chan Buddhism (Japanese Zen). Their goal is not to defeat the enemy, and free from the flow of thoughts, giving them an opportunity to express themselves pure spontaneity (satori). Hence the practice of koans: Speaking meaningless things (for example: what is clapping with one hand?), Then released the pure consciousness, the great emptiness, mu. It should rule. This whole Putin speaks perfect: therefore his words do not have any value, they are designed only to confuse the layman and the story in the Great Void (mu) dedicated.

So softly and quietly spy Putin turns to Putin-dealing, Teachers embracing emptiness. When he falls in Valdai speech to the West, he meant no not the West, but something internal, unsolved and eludes clear definition. This must be understood as a koan. Words, when taken in its origins, lose their meaning, the set of semantic shades shimmer until evaporate altogether. Thus, we achieve the cherished goal: the enemy confused and attentive follower opened the essence of non-duality (empty) thinking. This is how successful throw tekvan-up or judo, instantly disarmed enemy, and from a vertical position is horizontal, not noticing how it happened. Checkmate. But to whom? This is the essence of the mysterious ways of Zen.

Who fights Putin? Not with those with whom you thought, and certainly not with those whom he openly declares. The enemy is always different, it is impossible even to hint, not what to call by name. Moreover, about the enemy better not even think of not to focus on it. And most importantly, by the rules of Zen Buddhism of the enemy better just do not know anything. The battle is a battle with the illusion, which is not so true battle is not a battle, and the true action - non-action. That is the law really great games that are so difficult to calculate that in principle it may seem that it is not at all. And the words are intended only to disguise the lack of meaning. Knowing silently, forgetting the abundance of wisdom, as he was just going to say.

Before, I only saw as koans frankly contradictory speech Putin, where the first half of the phrases are semantically conflict with the second. But it was only a half-truth. Gradually, I realized that the koan is everything that he says. And the higher the koan, the harder it is to interpret. Most higher koans in general are not subject to interpretation, of which nothing should be, they are generally not reported. I realized that Putin says so - higher koans.

But then everything falls into place at all: save Novorossia means cede Novorossia but concede Novorossia means to provide the necessary support, repeating several times these paradoxes we get the exact scheme of our policy on the Donbas. Send Strelkova to remove Strelkova, remove Strelkova to reward Strelkova. Give Strelkova to plant Strelkova. Planting Strelkova to make him a hero. And then send Strelkova. And with everything else just as well. This samurai koan. Bring troops so as not to send troops, instead of typing so enter poeffektivnee and more. Not from malice, but to securely hide the truth and teach the ways of the Great Void. 

Likewise with the West: it is an enemy, but this enemy that actually he is a friend, because we are part of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, that is him, but we are thus part of that is something radically different, more so with us should be friends, since we are so different, but the values ​​of the West, we do not share, as our opposite, because of the true unity of the Great Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, where Russia is a sovereign distinctive civilization, and not the object of colonization and the West as in the period .... What is it? Sophisticated Valdaysky koan. 

Any output that will be made ​​of it, knowingly misleading, incorrect. We must look in another direction, but not in the TV, as if to tell us all Putin: do not trust the outside world, it is not genuine. But the inner world is not better. There are only Basho logic places successful throw, instant enlightenment, but what I am saying now, and even more so that you can hear for yourself - it's a cosmic game of shadows, lila, Maya, streams samsara.
Lessons Basho. Nothing personal.