Saturday, September 20, 2014

Truth about the current ceasefire situation in Donetsk, #Ukraine

We got detailed information about the places of hits of Missile the "Tochka –U" [SS 21 Scarab], which were launched by Ukrainian punitive soldiers at Donetsk.

The first missile hit the factory of building materials Astor which is located more to the South from Railway station, the second exploded near the mine of Scochinskiy, the third hit the factory of government issues.

Nevertheless, representatives of Kiev, DPR, LPR and OSCE agreed concerning next steps for reaching peace, today, 20th September in Donetsk the range of horrible explosions happened.
Local citizens observe smoke in different parts of the city.

In social networks Donetsk citizens report that the strongest explosions happened near the factory of rubber-chemist issues, enterprise which utilize weapons, has been working since 1939 (in time of USSR was called the factory 107.

This is site of factory, target of Kiev junta

Local citizens write:

“Personally, I’m shocked from the ceasefire….I opened the windows, I was thrown away, child is in hysteric-fell down in the flat”

“Two missiles were thrown to Lidievka, one to the factory”.

“Explosion at military factory in Biryuzovo, the balconies were crashed”.

“They launched them from the brick factory I Grodovka.

“For the first place were flown down three missiles, it is visible who the 9-storey building was burning.

“These were amanita stores of Abakumova mine. Amanita explosive items are for mines. It is based on salpeter, that’s why white smoke is”.

Explosions are heard near the Scherbakov Park.


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