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Those who Rushed to Mourn Russian Spring Mistaken. Everything is just beginning.

Do not rush to mourn Russian spring

The battle against the slogan "Putin, put troops!" Was more important than the introduction of troops - that was a political campaign, because if not to declare the deployment of troops, it can be shut up and do reversible
September 2, 2014, 09:00 AM
Now Novorossia hour traitor, but not quite - because in parallel there are some factors that set off the victory of the "sixth column" and make it a Pyrrhic
Considering the findings of Kiev, the Russian troops entered the territory of New Russia fully 14 August 2014 and, furthermore, increasing its presence there. This is the date of withdrawal of Colonel Igor Strelkov of the People's Republic of Donetsk.
Further, the Ukrainian media show captured conscripts of the Russian Armed Forces. But something strange happens: Poroshenko on this and does not insist - against all logic - supports the Russian version of that "soldiers are lost." That is the impression that our troops brought there by mutual consent. The main condition is the lack of recognition of this fact on both sides. Officially, Moscow did not recognize the presence of troops on the territory of the former Ukraine, but even denies supporting the militia. Again Kiev behaves strangely on the one hand, results in a lot of evidence that it is not so, insists that the war with Russia, but at the critical moment every time back to the version of the "terrorists" and "insurgents."
The two decision-making centers in the United States different scenarios of foreign policy, but she's foreign policy at the output is a balance of the two projects and their resultant vector.
If logic nevvodil Surkov was at least partly justified, six weeks of participation of military forces of the Russian Federation ("proof" that give many Ukrainian media) would be enough to "draw Russia into the war." But there is no recovery in the ranks of NATO and even in the United States, we do not observe. All limited military advisers, some technical assistance, some financial and diplomatic support. From a sociological point of view, there is not something that exists, and what society thinks that there is. For Kiev "the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine introduced." The balance of power last month shows that the New Russia, indeed, received substantial support. Hence, the breakthrough of the siege of Lugansk, Mariupol and attacks on. War is, in the eyes of Kiev "troops entered", but the West is not going to interfere. The question arises: if the "troops entered," and it seems that everyone is exactly why this is not recognized by any of the parties? Or rather, why are constantly saying to invade and causing thousands of proofs, Poroshenko does not insist on the introduction of troops as it should be?
There are several explanations. Ukrainian drama exposed the shadow structure of the lines of force in international politics, which is built around the following key ideological and strategic centers.
1 American hawks, the imperialists and the neocons in the United States. They stand for radical action against Russia for the involvement of Moscow in open war, and maximum resistance to Russia up to a direct conflict. They think civilization: Russian for them - the absolute enemy. On the Independence, they were represented by Victoria Nuland, the wife of Robert Keygana, one of the main figures in the neocon camp. On the Ukrainian side in the same structure are oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and "Right sector" - the most radical wing of the neo-Nazi Russophobic Atlanticism.
2 The second pole is a globalist think tank CFR, which generally agrees with the anti-Russian geopolitics Atlanticist, but prefers not to join with Russia in direct conflict, acting circuitous manner and negotiations. CFR promotes "colored" revolution unfolds liberal network, struggling with all traditionalist movements and trends, but at the same time tries to act mainly by soft power, deception and bribery, flattery and falsehood, spoilers and simulacra rather than direct violence. CFR is represented by the Soros Foundation, the Rothschilds, Kissinger, Brzezinski. In Kiev, the same network include CFR Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, although Tymoshenko was originally closer to the neoconservatives. And now, when Yatsenyuk moved from Poroshenko Tymoshenko, in turn, is moving closer to Kolomoiskiy.
As usual, the two decision-making centers in the United States different scenarios of foreign policy and foreign policy is itself the output is a balance of the two projects and their resultant vector.
In Ukraine, the Hawks put pressure on Russia and require the most stringent measures of the West, and the CFR trying to negotiate with Vladimir Putin promised to recognize the Crimea in exchange for the discharge of New Russia and strongly oppose the entry of Russian troops, or at least the recognition of this fact (if they enter the most unavoidable) .
Do neocons in Russia its network does not, except that the extreme liberals in the spirit of the deceased Novodvorskaia, Borovoy or bulk. But they are not acting in the role of conservatives, and the role of radical Russophobes type Illarionov. The situation they are in no way affected.
But symmetric analogue of American neocons can serve the Russian hawks, initially calling for a military solution, the release of the New Russia junta and to march on Kiev. This terminal also thinks civilizational categories and waives whatever agreements and transactions with Washington as from transactions with the devil. Personalize pole Igor Gunmen guide Donetsk People's Republic, a number of security officials and influential, close to Putin Orthodox businessmen (such as Konstantin Malofeev). For patriotic pole in the Russian elite troops introduction was initially the most appropriate option, as they were absolutely sure that no war with the United States and NATO for Ukraine does not follow that bring troops somehow have, and sanctions against Russia and its demonization follow anyway.
Thus, the field of geopolitics hawk is as follows:
- The center of the United States (the neocons);
- Ukrainian subimperialisticheskie proxy (Kolomojsky the National Guard) and their symmetrical opposite pole in Russia - Gunmen and his supporters in power (relatively speaking, supporters of the slogan "Putin put troops!").
Now CFR.
- In the United States, as usual, the main terminal and control center;
- In Kiev - Poroshenko.
And in Russia? And here is the most interesting. CFR has an extensive network of Russian agents, stretching back in the 70s - in the Vienna Institute for System Studies, in SWAP 90s, then a significant part of the Russian elite (liberals) - up to visit the headquarters of CFR in New York Sergei Ivanov and Dmitry Medvedev, that is a candidate to succeed Putin and by the successor (in the status of the President of the Russian Federation). Official representative in Russia is the head of "Alfa Group" Mikhail Fridman, and the cameraman - Vladislav Surkov, a native, like most members of his team, because of the "Alpha". Setting Medvedev (primarily Igor Jurgens, and so on. Etc..) Belongs to the same network that wanted to get a second term, Medvedev was Putin's return painfully dismayed. She has contributed to a frank "fifth column" of traitors in the Swamp, but quickly realized that the lost and chose again to fit into the Putin team (remember somersaults Surkov, ousted from the presidential administration to the government, and then expelled from the government, then vtershegosya in AP initially on Rights of the bird, and then as a curator of the CIS and particularly Ukraine, and most importantly time in Russian politics Novorossia, then, in fact, Surkov unobtrusively ousted Vyacheslav Volodin and again began to ask the main trends in domestic politics).
CFR in Russia initially acted in the interests of the global financial oligarchy, executing the project in Washington to contain Putin at any point where it could have been stopped after the Crimea. In Crimea, Putin gave carte blanche to the Russian hawks, and that is where the arrow that appears, one of the first to support Sergey Aksenov and largely carried out the operation graceful polite people. CFR in Russia did not have time to argue and nothing was forced to admit the Crimea. But the rise of New Russia and the inclusion of the case Strelkova posed a threat to the entire pro-American network objectively creeps to the surface and be liquidated in the event of the success of Russian hawks. So manifested itself sixth column. Its core is a network of institutional CFR. Curiously, the high-level Russian authorities in the same way and act old-fashioned classic masoneriya, take root in Russia in 90 years (from Rogacheva to Trubeckogo and Kondyakova), although the CFR, as was originally the Masonic structure, has long left the work rituals and degrees.  

This network in New Russia declared war on the patriots-hawks. From mid-May began sabotage support Igor Strelkov Slovyansk, which reached its peak in mid-June. At the same time broke campaign nevvodil, took my dismissal from MSU, there was buying patriotic Public and some patriotic leaders. The contribution of Surkov curator of New Russia has increased dramatically. CFR began to work for the negotiation and pacification by the Moscow-Kiev-Novorossia Washington. Such was the globalist geopolitical map (curated CFR).
Hawks prevented and that, and another, from both sides. Patriots battle hawks symbolized figure Rifle with a "sixth column» (CFR - Surkov, "Alfa Group" and so. D.) Completed review Strelkova, apparently in exchange for the promise of providing him Novorossia enough help. Clearly, the Fusiliers, who controlled the strategic situation, could not be satisfied with promises. To escape, he had to see real evidence of the power of support. The time of his departure is actually the same as in the first "visual evidence" of the Ukrainian party Russian troops. "Sixth Column" in Russia bargained Putin "symbolic capital", plums Strelkova, because preservation Strelkova in DNR would give a major political trump Russian hawks, any further advance would be attributed to the given pole, and all the hysteria and madness nevvodil schizophrenic Sergey Kurginyan sent CFR, and his sect was revealed to sabotage national interests and undermining personally against Putin.
And formed the current situation: Russian troops allegedly "entered", but this does not recognize neither Moscow nor Kiev (CFR keeps the person in the case of Poroshenko, in the case of Surkov and his nevvodil). Is offensive, but like fighting militia. And politically lose hawks - and American (sending troops is not recognized), and Ukrainian (Kolomoysky and the National Guard forced to retreat in disgrace), and Russian (the symbolic figure of the Russian patriotic camp, the hero of the Crimea and the New Russia, a symbol of polite people Igor Gunmen withdrawn).
Cleaning agents of influence in Russia is inevitable. Crimea is ours, the New Russia - our. Our will and the Russian government. No spies.
What will happen next?
Structural victory CFR - win oligarchic globalist elites. Pole of the elites is not in Moscow and Kiev, and not even in Brussels - but strictly in Washington. Therefore, CFR is to work to ensure that all completed reconciliation Poroshenko and Putin and eventually sink so Novorossia to a controlling stake of power was in the hands of certain oligarchs, integrated into the global financial elite. Neocons and Kolomoysky left with nothing, but in the Russian patriots are pushed apart from Putin. Further, the specified script will most likely, a gradual slide in the Russian period of destabilization and the beginning of "color revolutions" (where the ultra-liberals supposed to strengthen disappointed patriots) and integrated agents of influence "sixth column" (a network CFR) will manipulate these processes on behalf of the Kremlin ( as previously done Surkov over the protests on Bolotnaya).
Therefore, the battle against the slogan "Putin, put troops!" Was more important than the introduction of troops. It was a political campaign. After all, if you do not declare the deployment of troops, it can be shut up and do reversible. If no one has introduced the troops, then they should not be, and output. And if CFR able to convince all parties in favor of a compromise - Russia merges New Russia, Kiev stops terror, Americans do not pinch the sanctions, what would it never happened. Next, a Washington gets its soft means. But the main thing done: between Kiev and Moscow fundamental wedge driven in a long time, Slavic blood spilled, in Russia for a million refugees, destabilized society, accustomed to blood and violence, is derived from a sleep state.
Now we are on the offensive and come to Mariupol. But if the transaction takes place under the CFR and the neocons to disrupt it fail, it is easy to turn the "offensive" to "non-occurrence" and "fighting" in "non-combat non-action", such as the protection of the convoy.
CFR is precisely this, and the introduction of troops, and officially recognized, would create an irreversible situation clash of civilizations. Neocons believe that Russia should be hit by a punch. CFR prefer to strangle her in his arms, put to sleep in the negotiations. Putin relies on hawks, and "sixth column" something mirror mimicking the situation in the United States. The difference here is that the two groups of influence in the United States go to one target, but in different ways. Their task is to ensure the domination the United States and Western civilization in general globally. Whereas the purpose Russian patriots (hawks) and agents of influence within Russia are directly opposite: first trying to make Russia a great power, sovereign and independent, based on the original foundations of civilization, the second dream of becoming part of the global elite on a personal basis, but on Russia and its people they do not care.
Now Novorossia hour traitor. But not quite. Indeed, in parallel there are some factors that set off the victory of the "sixth column" and make it a Pyrrhic victory.
1 neocons in Washington did not lose hands and will not accept defeat passively. They are worth the wait retaliatory step and now it is just time.
2 Kolomoysky and joined him Tymoshenko refused to accept the victory of "negotiators" and preparing for revenge (attack on Poroshenko), and ahead of the Ukraine seasonal guaranteed disaster.
3 Nevvedennye Russian troops will not sit idly by and grounds DNR and LC gradually coming under the control of the militia. Parallel network matures uprisings in other areas, which will become more extensive as success "militia" and their non-existent assistants from Russia (from banid agents CFR hashtag and the slogan "Putin put troops!").
4 Patriots in Russia are not going to silently watch subversive maneuvers sixth column, the potential drain of New Russia, and especially the Russian Maidan itself Gunmen seen Anatoly El Murid in good health and, judging by the expression on his face, in a cheerful frame of mind, obviously preparing something in Russia; something aimed at the support of Putin, his patriotic reform and against the designs of saboteurs and traitors, no matter how high they were not in Russia's political hierarchy. Cleaning agents of influence in Russia is inevitable. Crimea is ours, the New Russia - our. Our will and the Russian government. No spies.
In Slavic, we will be back soon and make it the capital of the new revived and awakened Russia. Those who rushed to mourn Russian spring mistaken.
Everything is just beginning. Ahead of the crucial autumn.

Alexander Dugin ( "The Four Feathers" , 08/31/2014)

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