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The Minsk Agreements, A Balance of the Prospects.

The Minsk Agreements, A Balance of the Prospects.
Translated from Spanish

15 days have passed from the ' Peace Agreements in Minsk, 'being enacted. We need to take a brief balance, in which the first point is that this strange Peace seems to included the continuing of the attacks with artillery and missiles on the population, and the destruction of the infrastructure. The conflicts progress and setbacks have seen a consequential disregard for new deaths. Even in the past few days, when it gives the impression, according to the lies in the media, that ' Peace and Common Sense ' is progressing in their ' dialogue, ' It misrepresents the real fact, that the conflict is continuing.

On the part of Kiev, the follow - up of the ' CeaseFire ' has been uneven, depending on the sectors of the ' line ' in the front, drafted on the edge where they arrested the offence of the militia. Generally speaking, the sectors under the control of the FA regular Ukrainian, not only observed what was established, but they even evacuated their positions. However, the areas controlled by the battalions of the voluntary fascists, openly are challenging the Poroshenko deal and continue with the attacks, of Provocation, looting and atrocities against the civilian population, in order to compensate for its powerlessness military front to the militia. In places where
there are military and the battalions are giving clashes armed between the two forces and murders in the official and soldiers who comply with the order of the Cease - fire.

The idea that Poroshenko can deny supply and weapons to the rogue battalions because they feared, it is contrary to the harsh reality is that the ' game of the War ' in Kiev, which dominates the Rada And Ministries and departments key ( Graduate - safety of the state, mvd - forces of the ministry of Internal ) is monitoring the situation. It seems that it is an element which fail to the arguments of the ' game of the conciliation ' in Moscow. The Band on the Maidan, the Turchinov, Yatseniuk, Nalivaychenko, Parubiy and others are directly connected to the Embassy of the United States ( the
real governor ) and expect they will continue to provide everything necessary to ensure that the formations paramilitary neo - Nazis that led to the coup  government will continue sustaining the power. 
Otherwise, their place will be busy for the Timochenko, Liashko, Tiagnibok and ' Svoboda ' And if  not directly by the ' Right Sector.  In addition, there are those appetites, independent oligarchs as Kolomoysky, who have already engaged in massive crimes, their only chance to escape justice is to move forward and win this war.

The agreement of Minsk has exposed the
real power limits of Poroshenko and these are weaknesses into the Province of Kiev. In fact, the Fragmentation of the Ukraine is becoming clear now.

But in all fairness with my followers of this page, I try to report the truth, if we do not do a mention of the crevasse that has opened up by this Peace Agreement, in the ranks of the own republics  The DNR and LNR: the way and the time to tackle the ' Peace ' Minsk made count differences that have already been given before, but they did not have the character of A CLEAR DIVISION in The objectives and working methods. The way, because we are not consulted with the Commanders, militia men and activists civilians in the lifting, nor on the content of the proposals, either in the days of record. The moment - Dwell in the middle of an offensive has no sustaining political and military is a quasi suicide.

The current conciliatory consists in large part on the political leaders of local, or in part, relating to the previous administrations of the era of Yanukovich and the world's Party ( oligárquico ) of the regions. Also, there are elements associated with the structures of ajmetov, as well as the heads of some of the units ( minority ) by the militia to feel despechados by the rivalries between liderazgos that were lost. His strategy is based on the delivery of the solution to the ' problem ', For the Diplomatic steps of the government of the fr, which in turn promotes a strategy of Ukraine United, but with the influence of oligarcas favourable to Moscow, which would guarantee for the West and the very new bourgeoisie Russian. That is why, faced with its weak implementation in the masses of workers, fed up of 23 years of reforms, neo - liberal and decay associated with, is using the humanitarian aid, and the support logistical the militia as a weapon of blackmail, and make them give up the will of the lifting and the distortion of the original aims.

The movement antioligárquico in the Donbass was not born now. Already In the 1990s, 90, the movement of the miners in the region, ran the Resistance active Privatisation. In the decade of the 2000 already started to be born organizations of Resistance antioligárquica with a view of the party of European socialists. Normally from a local nature u move, these organisations and moves were created little by little, which, in February and March se aggregated as an uprising popular against the oligarcas and its bands fascists, to be adueñaron of power in Kiev. The destruction Merciless of the cities of the Donbass and extermination and expulsion methodical of its population, could not do not lead to a gradual masificación and radicalisation of the militia popular. Those who have not had in mind, and still have her, the long tradition clasista and military in the region, are mistaken, and parce that mistake, it is not exclusive to the meeting. The gradual progress military in the lifting has been fostered by a tributary of volunteers and local and international, Russians in the first place, which was to increase the passing of your victories.

The aim of Novorossia as a member state Multinational with elements of socialization, It's not going to be engavetado for the simple desire of the conciliadores, because the Civil War in Ukraine has a component of the class powerful, with everything that implies.
It's not going to be possible for the expediency of agreements hidden behind the back of the interested parties, to persuade us by the good in people armed with Donbass, to give up to that which is why we have been combating until now, or accept returning to form part of an Ukraine United, while the forces that have been murder, and continue doing this, TO BE CONTINUED in Kiev. There is no saliva enough, nor so skillful demagogues in order to achieve this ; those times we have finished with the lifting.

Nor has he gone unnoticed by the workers and people armed to the east and the fear that it invokes his existence policy in the oligarchy Russian, the new bourgeoisie of Moscow, and the semioculto sabotage developed by this can be against the same idea Novorossia. The current neosovietista, whose main example of the public is now on. Mozgovoy, it is a majority in this field, but it is not the only one. The movement panrusista has also been affected by the uprising in April, and the conversion of slaviansk in a symbol of resistance to anti - fascist, under the command of the figure of the commander I. Strelkov, whose fighters were, in fact, the miners, metalúrgicos and employees public in the area. This current panrusista by cigar empiricism forced has deepened until the open confrontation with the sector, of course, linked to the oligarchy ' Patriotic ', Which is located in connection with the power in the Kremlin today. Are the survivors of the swamp yeltsiniano who go back to lift your head, and to those who accuse strelkov de demagogues and the staff with the oligarchy ukraniana. Are dating a length of the relations of the same class, the oligarcas with common interests to preserve their design domination on the area post - Soviet Union. A whole other stream of nationalism Russian continued in its development towards the fascism is open, and enthusiastically support the board of Kiev ; those we saw in the ' motion for peace ' in Moscow, waving their flags, with the cross céltica, mixed with the metropoles and ukranianas, together with the liberastas and oligarcas pro - western.

The current Alliance for Novorossia, not proclamations policies official, cimentada in front of battle and the rubble of Donbass, strelkov - mozgovoy and the Commanders in the field, that the Support, is the one that has led to the removal from the site of slaviansk, kramatorsk, semionovka the chain victories which have been released important parts of the territory of the two republics. In fact, no disappointment defeat and borne, is the meeting will still be in place odessas, mariupoles, Filtration camps, AND MANY, but many fosas common, and the line, get to Kiev, it is not a matter of course, but a reality dictated by the dynamics of military. The simple observation of the story of The Civil Wars in the last 3 years, if not more, shows us the number of Clear, that these, The Civil Wars, ever end up in the other thing that military defeat for one of the parties, it is as simple as that, is included in the same definition.

The members of this bus come from different families of red they get tired of the proclamas anti - imperialist rutinarias with almost no impact and implications, and the shameful watering - down and Passivity which suffered the biggest part of the ' Left entitled ' in the first few months of the conflict, which led us to create this page. We hold our original Aim:

1. breach the seine desinformativo.
2. really lead to the financial assistance to the hands are safe.
3. to promote solidarity with the political acts concrete a measure of our forces, which are not a lot of time.

We do not have any sensitivity of the election, nor do we give it a use of the platform of this type to our page. We are not in order to promote liderazgos no personality. We are what we say to be, neither more nor less. Our support to combatants consistent of Novorossia remains our North main, and in these moments, we hold a shapes symbol of Strelkov and Mozgovoy there can be.

- Internationalists 36

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