Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Hunters of Bandera

A Pictorial Background: 
Great selection of photos of Soviet troops hunted for Bandera in the late 40-ies

It is often said, "who let them win" ?, and how did it happen? Bandera got them out of their hideouts, and with the connivance of the authorities in Kiev marched them into battle. Now you have to realize that the the heroes hunting the Bandera bastards, how the war was won - Bandera's underground organization was destroyed. The overwhelming majority of the bandits, including their leadership, have been destroyed or sent to the Gulag camps. The fact that in the late 80's all this crap again surfaced in the Ukraine, the blame is not on old men, who in the 40s were the hot iron collaborators. And now especially in this new generation, where young pro-Russians feel at home in the country that the hard work of their ancestors fought to save,and who had paid a lot of blood for this right


Group YX Thunder IAN nationalists in 1947-1949, the Carpathians.

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