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Radicals of "The Right sector" differ in their cruelty and hatred of the Russian population.


Radicals of "The Right sector" differ in their cruelty and hatred of the Russian population.

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(18 +) the Ukrainian chastisers have sent to the mothers of Donetsk civil guardsmen the cut off heads of their sons.

Shocking data have arrived from Ukraine where the armistice has been some days ago signed, and military retaliatory operation in the country southeast has ended. To mothers of the soldiers defending the earth from chastisers of the government, the Kiev junta has sent small wooden boxes in which were... The cut off heads of their sons.

Exact quantity of these boxes is impossible to establish, as there is a procedure of an identification of remains, and check by military committee DNR is spent. However all identified were fighters of home guard ДНР who have been taken prisoner by agents of national security during violent fighting near Donetsk.

Privately these atrocities already are attributed to one of the retaliatory battalions belonging to the oligarch and the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk area to Igor Kolomojsky,  in these battalions of radicals from nationalist movement "the Right sector", different by the cruelty and far right sights.
One of mothers who have lost the son has declared: "It not simply cruelty, this atrocity! Yes even animals so do not arrive! My son protected the native land, he was not afraid to be lost for it and for us. 

But what it has made are already below the level of a sane person. Where are the United Nations leaders heads these days? And NATO too? The European Union won't stop the genocide? Why is the Red cross doing nothing?  What does it take for all of them to act? Is it necessary for us  with our children treated this way? The Ukrainian government even is worse than fascists #EU & NATO! 
Is it necessary for Russia to save his pro-Russian people?  To Kiev these people are not necessary.

Other victims of such "actions" of the Nazi Junta have declared that chastisers intimidated the inhabitants of the southeast, And such actions from their party is one more gesture of pressure. People are afraid for the families and for themselves.

The Ukrainian representatives have hastily tried to place guilt on the Chechens, ostensibly being on territory ДНР and participating in operations on its party. However neither provide proof,of the finding of Caucasians in the Ukrainian territory they did not show.

Radicals of "the Right sector" differ their cruelty and hatred of the Russian population. During military campaign repeatedly there was data that was used for moral influence. They cut off two captured soldiers ears and fingers. Besides these chastisers are known for that repeatedly shot so-called deserters - that is those who has refused to execute the junta's orders on destruction of the peaceful population.

****Scroll down at your own risk ! Decapitaded Head in a wooden box.....18+ suggested*****

Experts noticed that some of the  fighters heads had been cut off not after but before their death, naming decapitation a the cause of death.

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