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#Novorossiya's French Volunteers, "We do not let people get slaughtered without reacting."

The Association France-Donbass representative Novorossia

The Association France-Donbass representative Novorossia

By The Voice of Russia | The Association France-Donbass blames an influx in demand from French volunteers to fight with the French five already in the Donbass.

"It was after the France 2 report and after the release of a video on the Internet showing the five French volunteers as requests arrive in large numbers. They have doubled , "says André Chanclu. It talks about the rapidly changing France-Donbass, which became representative Novorossia in France.
VDLR: Now you go to a higher step. No more simple events! Already five French were fighting in the Donbass with their brothers in arms who defend Novorossia against the power of Kiev. How many volunteers to contact you from the story of France 2 and the video posted on the Net? And what are their motivations?
André Chanclu: We already had the story before many people who have sought us via social networks. Apart from young people wanting to commit to fight, we had such contacts as part of health care personnel in units of Parisian care. The caregivers were asked to tuyauter on the best way to get to the front line or in the back to help because it is the key word in their act of devotion motivates all. And others who are not a lot of young people who wanted to know how to join the patriotic forces Novorossia. From the beginning, we were very clear with everyone. It must be said. First we are not a recruiting office. Young people without experience are not allowed there. It takes a seasoned staff with several years of experience behind them military engagement. And then this story came from France 2, incidentally, was realized the next day by bombing buildings in order that housed young French volunteers. This report has unveiled to the public the exact geographical location of the camp. It is a dubious circumstances you will agree, because journalists knew the place. After this story, we had the distinct impression that a new valve is opened. Several dozen people tried to reach us. We never developed any proselytizing about it. Instead, we certainly appealed for volunteers to help and treat civilians persecuted but we never wanted volunteers and leave a disorganized manner. There are already enough daily dramas in the Donbass to come to add with uncontrolled influx of young people in our country.
VDLR: Volunteers are they soldiers?
André Chanclu: There are quite a few, yes, and that's great news. This being recalled, it does not surprise us. Many former soldiers are aware that this war and confrontation between two opposing worlds with one hand Western supremacy dictated from Washington, a kind of steamroller that obeys only one driver and the other a population completely destitute to whom they have phased out the water, electricity, work and life. These officers, NCOs and soldiers who served in uniform in our country were not proud because they knew they were fighting for a cause that was not noble. This one is not only noble but it is beneficial. Do not let a people and get slaughtered without reacting. You have to give a really good lesson to these strategists horror. We have a deep respect for those boys.
VDLR: You say that they grind their teeth, can you explain?
André Chanclu: I read indeed, here and there, comments on the famous broadcast by France 2 report Many people are troubled to know that these young men were former activists of the nationalist cause in France. These people may believe that in our society today can largely anesthetized get up and engage like this without first real political consciousness of the deep malaise that persists in our society. I sincerely believe that these movements even if they are demonized ask the right questions, in addition, they can not claim it as is the case on the left or the far left business management calamitous country even for a short time . So they can have an honest analysis. They are certainly idealistic, is this a flaw? Is not trying to save a collapsing world gradually we advance? When we look at the horrors that take place, there really is something to want to change all that, much like once again to a work of public health.
VDLR: Now you represent Novorossia in France. Explain!
André Chanclu: Since the very strong raising activity this summer, the government Novorossia was extremely touched to see that there is all over Europe the movement of sympathy were heard. It seemed necessary to structure and unify these spontaneous outbursts at home, in France, to turn them into real serious and official current. For this, we thought it necessary to expand the team in place to help our friend Mrs. Kysilyova was alone responsible for the overall coordination of actions in France. So we naturally offered with Alain Benajam, a man of experience and engagement, co-founder of the Voltaire Network, well known to us to carry iron in the heart of the Atlanticist and then myself organizations since 2008 leading a Russophile movement of ground in France. This representation structure has been validated at the highest government level Novorossia (Pavel Gubarev). We are proud to take on this new responsibility.We will be worthy.
VDLR: Do you get a recruiting office in France?
André Chanclu: Clearly not, as I have explained above. We have no vocation to this and even less skills. In addition we are legalists. This kind of activity falls under the French law. Moreover, as I have already mentioned, our primary purpose is mainly to help the suffering people but as we are not naive, we know that to be respected and to be heard, we must employ the same methods as our opponents.
VDLR: How is the situation in the Donbass? The Ukrainian army encircled?
André Chanclu: The latest news is quite good, hence the behavior of the coup government in Kiev is desperate. He even asked the United States to help them directly without going through NATO. The United States, which appear to be their last real bastion since European countries one after the other, they realized that it was very detrimental to the economy of each country to break relations with Russia. There is a series of predictable volt-faces. There remains only the main instigator of this macabre operation to take responsibility. It is also particularly amusing to see that Ukraine pushes USA to intervene militarily when it was Washington's strategy towards Moscow. They pick up again the boomerang they launched to Vladimir Putin in the face. The report of the General Staff of the Army of Donbass is optimistic. The main battalions committed against the Patriots Donbass appear without exception in great difficulty pushed one after the other in the famous "pots" victorious far from Grand Chief Strelkov tactics. The coming days are crucial militarily while Will we witness an escalation of lies and misinformation which we are regularly watered? This is definitely their plan B.
VDLR: How are the five French combatants in the Donbass?
André Chanclu: They're best. Their battalion is not directly engaged on the front lines, their role is to take the safety of public buildings mainly Donetsk.
VDLR: The French media-they always do a smear campaign against young French volunteers in the Donbass parties?
André Chanclu: These methods are part of their roadmap. They have a mission they take with great zeal. We're well aware with this case they have a vision variable geometry news, vision largely dictated by the press orders, as we have every time denounced. All this does not surprise us anymore. What is refreshing is to see a large amount of men and women wake up and join us.
VDLR: What does your organization need now that you went to a top speed?
André Chanclu: Our group is getting bigger needs of women and men of goodwill to help us build, develop communication tools to help us pass the information of the land, help us shout loudly in the ears of the authorities that we should not forget those who suffer and endure war home against them directly, repeat constantly that this is a war against a people who refused the diktat of an illegal regime trying to impose it to abandon his mother tongue. It should not be, especially not get used to the drama, it is necessary that we help these people because they are counting on us.
VDLR: we're not just talking. Symbol of resistance by the action in France? Symbol of France that gets up?
Chanclu André: We are simple people who live in the heart of a country fractured by the global crisis. We are entrepreneurs, workers, civil servants, pensioners, students, unemployed and everything that constitutes a people living. We are the country that has real emotions and sees his world too tend not to listen and above all a world that no longer meets the real humanity and sensitivity to the horror values. A symbol that we like is St Michael slaying the demon. What will make some laugh, I do not believe in us, that symbol might laugh. He commands respect because this was archangel with a sword and he knew how to use.

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