Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"National Guard" calls for the resignation of the heads of the Defense Ministry and the General staff of Ukraine

National Guard calls for the resignation of the heads of the Defense Ministry and the General staff of Ukraine

Battalion commanders "Donbass" and "Dnepr-1 indicated that the fighters died in ilovays'k for treason the Commander of sector d Peter Litvina.

The resignation of Minister of defence Valery assigning V.geletey instead and head of general staff of UKRAINE Victor Muženko demanded the battalion commanders of the National Guard. They state that were trapped between ilovays'k by command of the armed forces of Ukraine.

"We got into the environment, not because we are bad, not because we are fools, and we got there due to treason, and primarily because of the betrayal of" d ", and specifically General Lytvyn, said the Commander of a battalion of the Dnepr-1" Yury Birch. "We met with the President and demanding the resignation of Defense Minister is one, Chief of the General staff, and General Lytvyn has to answer to the law.

According to reports, the Commander of the Southern operational control MAT Peter Litwin, who is the brother of former speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn, had deserted from the zone of fighting in Donbass at the end of August. 24 number of joint forces of the army of the DNI have surrounded three major factions of enforcers.

The failure of ATO was a result of the criminal actions of the high command of the APU-it had already been pointed out, the Commander of the "Donbas" Semen Semenchenko. He accused the General of "incompetence, noting that the operation in the South-East of Ukraine participated almost three times less soldiers than was necessary. Semen Semenchenko called Ukrainian community put pressure on the leadership of ATOto command increased the military grouping under Ilovajskom.

Meanwhile, rank-and-file soldiers of the battalion "Donbass" was to blame for the deaths of his companions the very Seeds Semenchenko. According to Ukrainian journalists, one from nacgvardejcev, the deaths of dozens of his supporters in the battles with the militia under the Ilovajskom becamethe direct result of ordersthe battalion commander.

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