Friday, September 5, 2014

Fake Video Made By Kiev Junta Media ( Exposed ) 18+ Graphic

Fake Video Made By Kiev Junta Media ( Exposed )

5th September 2014, State Novorossia
18 +, The body of the Kiev junta fascist, which was thrown by the shock wave from a vehicle , can be a source of anti-Russian hysteria in the global media.
Near the town Starobeshevo units of Lugansk republic fought against the fascist squads of Igor Kolomoisky. Fighting continued for several days in late August, as a result of battle the Nazis lost 400 killed and 200 wounded prisoners. In the video, filmed in a couple of days after the battle you see destroyed vehicles. At the end of the video you can see completely destroyed military vehicle on the road and the body hanging on wires.

As experts explain the explosion of ammunition and fuel inside the vehicle ripped it . Body hanging on wires is body of crew member, whom the blast thrown up from the open hatch of the machine.
During the war in Libya and Syria the videos appeared on the Internet about how the explosion of a tank or APC throws up bodies of the crew.

Bones of the body were broken inside by the force of the blast wave and the body hangs like rubber.
If the path of the body weren't the wires, it would be lying in a field.
Now with the help of paid trolls who use symbols of Novorossia media of Kiev junta spread fake, that the body was hanging by the militias. Surely this lie will soon be picked up by the global media, because they need to denigrate the New Russia.

The Ukrainian "Maria" killed during the shelling by the Ukrainian military. Fate. 

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