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Captive nearly naked civilians, women and militia, kept chained in pits in Kramatorsk, surrounded by minefields - POW testimony

Truth about situation in Ukraine

Captive nearly naked civilians, women and militia, kept chained in pits in Kramatorsk, surrounded by minefields - POW testimony

It just gets worse and worse. Since POW's exchange, their stories are pouring in. This Novorossia militia POW, Sankevich Vladislav from Djankoi, Crimea, talks about the conditions of his captivity in the fields of Kramatorsk. You can see from his face he has been through hell.

He was a commander in Shakhtersk division. He was ambushed at a fake checkpoint with his three comrades. Surrounded near Krasny Luch on August 24. Two of them jumped out. One who stayed in the car was shot. 

They were captured by National Guard and tortured. They ripped his chain with a cross from his neck. He shows swastika burned on his body by his captors from National Guard with chains and knives. 

On his chest they tattooed the words "separatist". After a few weeks, the chest is healing. He said, it seems like his Nazi guards were drugged or on painkillers. Their hate, especially towards Russians, was unspeakable.

From the band on his eyes he saw at least 30 people, sitting in pits (at east 20 pits), dug in the ground. Chained to each other. With barely any clothes. Even underwear taken away. Surrounded by a mine field.

 Periodically people are ordered to run through the minefield, with gunfire chasing them, blowing up into pieces. Both civilians and people's militia. Many women. Young women. Tortures are done mostly at night. At night you can hear screams. Before liberating Kramatorsk, these people have to be freed, he said.

He spent 3 days there, before being transferred to jail in Kharkov, where he was kept in his torn pants, with no shirt or underwear with 15-30 people in a 12 person cell. He heard in jail that few people come out of that pit field in Kramatorsk alive.

He said, when captured he hoped to be shot immediately, since that's a common practice.

He says he thinks his captors were subjected to serious brainwashing and mind control. His interviewer asked, do you think it means we need not only a military victory, but ideological, spiritual victory? To which he agreed.

He says the only solution is for the Russian world to rise, and come out on the streets, and fight, not waiting for help from anyone. Not like his relatives who just want to come to his house in Crimea for vacation.

When asked, what he would like to say at the end, he replied: "Rise up, people!"

Internet Channel Novorossia, Motorolla Division

Translated by Kristina

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